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Hot discussion on movie viewing of "great power heavy equipment": Casting great power heavy equipment stands for the national backbone

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Introduction: on November 6, China's first large-scale high-definition industrial TV documentary" great power heavy equipment "was officially broadcast on CCTV's straw finance and economics channel, which attracted the attention of the people all over the country and became the focus of the industry. As Liu Baoheng, the head of the production team, said: shooting such a TV documentary is a few

on November 6, China's first large-scale high-definition industrial TV documentary "great powers and heavy weapons" was officially broadcast on the financial channel of CCTV, which attracted the attention of the people all over the country and became the focus of the industry. As Liu Baoheng, the head of the production team, said: "shooting such a TV documentary is the dream of several generations of equipment people in China and an audio-visual feast dedicated to the people of the whole country."

this TV documentary lasted more than two years. The film crew went north and south, went deep into more than 10 key fields of China's equipment manufacturing industry, such as engineering machinery, heavy equipment, general equipment, port machinery equipment, machine tools and key parts, selected 18 industry leaders in China, and described China's equipment manufacturing industry's "national game", "national weight", "road of catching up and Surpassing", "smart transformation", "innovation driven" Special stories of "manufacturing power" series. The film focuses on the successful experience of independent innovation and transformation of development mode of major equipment enterprises. With the magnificent momentum of panoramic, epic and political comment, it shows and eulogizes the "national team array" of China's equipment manufacturing industry with touching storytelling techniques, reflecting the tortuous road of the difficult development of China's equipment manufacturing industry and the brilliant process of revitalization and rise in the contemporary era

focus on high-end manufacturing and realize industrial transformation and upgrading - this is a new breakthrough and bright spot in China's construction machinery manufacturing industry. The "kaitianshentui" - the largest bulldozer SD in China, shown in the album of "intelligent transformation", is quite impressive. It shows us Houde's tenacious team spirit, giant equipment products like pushing mountains and reclaiming the sea, and the hope of China's construction machinery. "Kaitianshentui" SD has created a precedent of independent research and development and independent supporting of domestic equipment since the founding of the people's Republic of China. It is the bulldozer with the largest horsepower, the highest efficiency and the most intelligent in China. The product performance has reached the international advanced level, broke the technical blockade of foreign companies, and formed the technical standard of the whole machine of high-power bulldozer and the technical standard of key components such as high-power transmission system of bulldozer in China. It has significant economic and social benefits for the long-term strategic planning of the national construction machinery industry, optimizing the national industrial structure and realizing the independent supporting of domestic equipment

"this product is completely independently developed by us. With the massive exploitation of energy, there are more and more industries and mines using large-scale equipment. In the past, it was completely imported. I believe that after our successful development, it can completely replace foreign imported products." Zhang Xiuwen, chairman of Shantui Co., Ltd., is very confident in the film. The launch of Shantui SD also shows the achievements and contributions of China's independent innovation to the global construction machinery industry

in the past decade, China has rapidly grown into a large manufacturing country, and China's construction machinery manufacturing industry has also grown rapidly. However, the core parts required by China's machinery manufacturing mainly depend on foreign imports. For some medium and low-end products in China, domestic demand tends to be saturated, and overcapacity has become a common problem faced by all enterprises. In the album "smart transformation", Qu Xianming, former vice president of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, pointed out the key point in one sentence, which made people feel very deep - "the core components can not be made in China, so the profit added value of the whole product will be very low, so we can't provide corresponding parts according to the development of the host product. Now it has developed to this extent, we can't do without solving this problem." In the lens, we are not only pleased to see that the leading plastic materials need to make progress in technology, but also see the figure of key parts that occupy the advantage. Its key parts include chassis parts, transmission parts, structural parts, castings, cabs, etc. the tracks produced here are world-famous. Many international giants, including Komatsu and Volvo, have equipped their own construction machinery with track chassis made in China, which has also formed an absolute competitive advantage in the industry

different from the expression methods of other albums, the narration of Shantui Co., Ltd. focuses on the strength of a passionate and innovative Shantui team, from assembly technicians, welding technicians, quality inspectors, design engineers, etc. Let the audience feel like being in a busy and orderly production site, integrate into Shantui's lean production and rigorous R & D team, and rush to the new product verification construction site with flying sand and stones and roaring machines

equipment manufacturing industry is the concentrated embodiment of national comprehensive strength and technical level. It is an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress in various industries. As the world's largest equipment manufacturing country, China should stand up as a big country and cast heavy weapons for a big country. In the lens, the powerful and majestic SD bulldozer, the largest in China, is reproduced. When the displacement rate of the relative measured change of the sensitivity instigator is opened, the shocked heart is still unable to calm down for a long time. "Great power and heavy equipment" will drum and shout for the realization of the "Chinese dream" of the localization of major technical equipment and China's industrial development! What we see is not only Shantui, but also the vitality and unlimited potential of China's construction machinery

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