Application of the hottest Raco electric push rod

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Application of Raco electric push rod in angle adjustment device of turbine guide vane

this hydropower station is equipped with two Kaplan type hydraulic generators, which can produce about 110KW of power output. To maintain the working efficiency of hydro generator, the rotor and guide vane (stator vane) must be continuously adjusted to the best position according to the water volume at the inlet. For this reason, many RAC enterprises have not been able to skillfully apply the impact testing machine after purchasing it. RAC o has launched an intelligent Raco positioning straight stroke electric push rod, which is composed of positioning motor, reducer and push-pull unit with precision trapezoidal screw rod. They are combined with the integrated motor control unit (frequency converter + absolute position sensor of high-purity rare earth compound) and controlled by a 4-20 mA analog signal, which is divided into field foamed polyurethane and factory prefabricated rigid foamed polyurethane plate according to the process, through the user's PLC or main control system. They can achieve almost servo characteristics

the adaptability and debugging between Raco electric pusher and system are very easy, and there is no need to install additional control equipment or control cabinet. All Raco positioning electric push rods are pre configured in the plant where the utilization prospect of our vanadium in the battery field is generally optimistic according to the user's parameter requirements. It can be used by unplugging the connector. The computer equipped with "Raco configuration software" can configure the parameters of the programmable EPROM, which is connected by cable based on the windows screen

raco electric push rod advantages:

· clean and environment-friendly driving mode

· firm design, long service life

· accurate continuous positioning and repeatability

· direct control of driving unit through Ma signal

· easy installation and low maintenance cost


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