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The application of PRs cylindrical roller bearing in high-speed machine

with the rapid development of wind power generation equipment industry, especially the great power to change the two-phase live wire in the input 380V). At the same time, clear the LED display screen and then adjust the preset dial switch to the experimental frequency. The fan is becoming more and more mainstream. The reliability of the fan and its parts will be the focus of research and development

the rollers of cylindrical roller bearings belong to line contact angular contact ball bearings, whose bearing capacity and stiffness are higher than those of point contact. They are usually guided by two retaining edges of one bearing ring, and the cage, roller and guide ring form an assembly. However, its molecular composition means that it can prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in food, and can be separated from another bearing ring. It is a separable bearing. It is easy to install and disassemble. The inner ring and outer ring can be installed respectively, especially when the inner ring and outer ring are required to have interference fit with the shaft and housing, it can show its advantages. This type of bearing is generally only used to bear radial load (if it is required to bear axial load, it shall be specially ordered). Compared with the deep groove ball bearing of the same size, it has greater radial load bearing capacity, and the limit speed is close to the deep groove ball bearing. PRS's cylindrical roller bearings include five product series, including single row, double row and four row cylindrical roller bearings that can be used for stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, 180 ° peeling, 90 ° peeling experiments and other conventional models. They can also provide the development and production of special models according to the requirements of users

common failure modes of high-speed shaft bearings: the combination of cylindrical roller bearings and four point contact ball bearings is a common one in the application of high-speed machines with the continuous maturity of technology and automation equipment. Under the condition of high speed and low load, cylindrical roller bearings are prone to roller sliding and raceway sliding damage, while ball bearings may suffer from sliding damage and micro spalling damage

solution: PRS company (Luoyang priesen) proposed cylindrical roller bearing with anti-wear coating and single row tapered roller positioning bearing. The cylindrical roller bearing with anti-wear coating can not only continuously prevent sliding damage during the operation of the whole life cycle, but also prevent the raceway damage and poor lubrication caused by impurities in the lubricant. Single row tapered roller locating bearing can bear radial and bi-directional axial loads, and its pure rolling characteristics will minimize the possibility of sliding damage

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