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Analysis of carton pasting processing technology

carton pasting processing is a very important processing procedure for the final molding of various packaging cartons. All kinds of medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc. must be pasted to complete the final process of the product printing process. According to the different methods of box pasting, it is mainly divided into manual box pasting and automatic box pasting

in the current printing industry, manual box pasting is mainly used in some high-end high-quality packaging boxes and some packaging boxes that cannot be pasted normally by the box pasting machine, such as some packaging boxes with short box pasting line and long box length. This kind of packaging box is unstable when pasting on the box pasting machine, and it often has the phenomenon of "bell mouth". For example, a "Jiaozi" cigarette box printed by our company for Chengdu cigarette factory is completely completed by manual pasting. This product is a heaven and earth cover gift box. Due to its high strength requirements, the production process mainly uses 25mm thick industrial cardboard as the lining, and then pastes the printed 230g/M silver cardboard on the outside. When making this product, first die cut the industrial cardboard into small pieces according to the size of each part of the box, initially stick these small pieces into the prototype of the box, and then paste the die-cut tissue paper on the prepared prototype box. The pre production of this product is very important. The die-cutting size of industrial paperboard and tissue paper must be tested repeatedly to achieve the desired effect. When making, a more skilled worker takes hours to complete the production of a box. This kind of high-quality packaging box is troublesome, but the product has high added value and a large market

automatic box pasting is the most widely used box pasting method for packaging cartons. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency, stable box pasting quality and labor saving. Our company's existing boster media100 automatic box pasting machine. The speed of pasting self-locking wine boxes is 120000/h. The speed of pasting linear wine boxes is 18000/h. The speed of pasting self-locking medicine boxes is 350000/h. The speed of pasting linear medicine boxes is 60000/h. Such a high speed of pasting boxes is impossible to achieve by hand, especially for self-locking bottom packing boxes. If you paste boxes manually, you need to paste them twice

in the future, automatic box pasting and manual box pasting will continue to develop separately and bring their respective advantages to the limit. With the continuous development of paste box technology, the paste box processing in the future will be faster, better and more stable, and the carton molding will be more exquisite. It is undoubtedly a hot cold drink brand in China's cold drink market. Since its establishment in 1994, heluxue has developed many popular cold drink products with innovative products and marketing strategies. It can stand out from many competitors. In addition to breaking through the tradition in taste, the fashionable and avant-garde product positioning is also the reason why it is deeply loved by consumers. This fashionable positioning is also fully reflected in the packaging. In China, it is the first cold drink enterprise to choose cartons as household ice cream packaging. Shanghai Jielong Pudong Color Printing Co., Ltd. played an important role in this innovative attempt

folding cartons stand out

our company initially chose paper materials as the main starting point of the cold drink package. It is because we found that customers increasingly hope that the cold drink package can be bolder and more creative in design. The printed patterns on the package are vivid and bright, which can highlight the characteristics of the product

therefore, we began to try to use paper as the base material to produce cold drink packaging boxes that let those who want to make money make money. The superior physical characteristics of paper make the space of shape design wider than that of other materials. We can create a variety of shapes. For example: provide open skylight design with sufficient display effect, easy to tear strip design that is convenient for consumers to access, etc

the folding carton cold drink packaging is very delicate and beautiful in both decorative pattern and appearance. It not only increases the artistry of Yang Yongqiang's cold drink products of Shanghai Jielong Pudong Color Printing Co., Ltd., but also improves the added value and display effect of cold drink products, and allows consumers to use cold drinks in the process of eating, Get full visual enjoyment

paper has good printability. Exquisite design patterns can be achieved in printing through a variety of processing methods. As for the molding processing technology, it is more abundant. And the printing factory can realize it by relying on the original equipment

compared with plastic flexible packaging, another advantage of folding cartons is environmental protection. Materials can be recycled completely and quickly, which has been approved by food enterprises in recent years. This trend has become increasingly obvious. There is still a lot of room for development in this market. At present, many printing plants are beginning to buy equipment and prepare to carry out such projects

this measure is undoubtedly a great innovation of food packaging, especially cold drink packaging, but innovation will inevitably encounter difficulties. Food enterprises have very strict requirements for packaging. In addition to special requirements in printing methods, material selection, environmental protection and safety of inks, printing enterprises are required to strictly monitor the quality of products in the printing process

correct selection of materials

we are very careful in the packaging material selection of heluxue series products. First of all, compare goods in terms of quality and price. Have a deep understanding of the overall situation of suppliers. Usually every three months to half a year, the head office will invite public bidding to select material suppliers and determine which company will provide raw materials for different grades of products

1. selection of paper

for paper, it should be considered that the carton will remain upright during the low-temperature refrigeration process after loading the product, and it is suitable for the expected color printing, which can save costs to a certain extent. The final materials are mainly 350g/M grey white board (Mini Series), micro corrugated board (dry layer Snow Series), gold and silver cardboard and aluminum plated cardboard

we require suppliers to produce materials according to our needs, and supply us with water-based ink materials after production. Instead of sheet materials imported from Japan and South Korea, sheet materials will be wasted

cartons should contain food, so the paper must not contain adhesives, and choose environmentally friendly hot melt adhesives. Because ice cream needs to be frozen, the selected paper should have good moisture-proof characteristics. Generally, foreign manufacturers will coat PE or UV varnish on the outer package. At present, we use domestic cardboard, and we will ask suppliers to provide us with the production technical indicators of cardboard

heluxue ice cream uses special moisture-proof cardboard, and the packaging carton of thousand layers of snow uses micro corrugated cardboard. We control the moisture content and stiffness of the paper by ourselves, so we have specially purchased precision testing instruments to measure the moisture content. The ordinary tester can only test the moisture content of more than 7%, and the lower the value can not be displayed. Because the frozen food packaging carton has been stored in the freezer for a long time, the moisture content must be controlled below 7%. As soon as this precision instrument is placed on the paper, it can immediately display the water content of the paper, with an accuracy of less than 1%, so that we can accurately control the water content and eliminate the phenomenon of condensation. We can't take drastic action

2. selection of ink

the ink used in the printing ice cream packaging carton requires freeze resistance and environmental protection. Generally, the ink is 5 below zero. The color around C will change, which will greatly reduce the display effect of the product. In serious cases, it will mislead consumers and question the authenticity of the product

solvent based inks are not allowed to be used in the food industry. The toxic smell released by them will seriously endanger the health of consumers. What we buy is Aksu flexographic printing water-based ink produced in Europe. The UV ink for offset printing is imported from Japan and South Korea. I:1. These inks are environmentally friendly products. Even at low temperatures, the color is still bright and will not change color

3. Choice of adhesive

one of the main factors that cause the carton to open is that the cardboard absorbs the moisture in the freezer, causing the cardboard to soften with the fluorescent agent. Adhesive separation. Because the paperboard we bought is moisture-proof and will not condense, the glue opening of the carton is avoided$ Page break $

key points of printing process

1. printing mode

at present, flexographic printing and offset printing are widely used in printing mode. Offset printing is used to print helushue ice cream packaging carton series. Flexographic printing is mainly used to print helushue cone packaging series. The packaging of Helu snow egg cone is very beautiful. The bottom paper used for printing is vacuum aluminized paper. After printing, the metal texture of the packaging can be enhanced, and the color is extremely gorgeous and luxurious

2. ink control

ink control is extremely important in the printing process. In order to prevent the ink from changing color at low temperature, the amount of ink in flexographic printing should be controlled. It can be controlled by testing viscosity

offset printing should control the balance of ink and water. Control the balance of ink and water. Generally, we should master the principle of less ink and thicker ink. Less water. It refers to the premise that the blank part of the layout is not sticky and dirty: ink thickness. It refers to appropriately increasing the amount of ink based on less water. In the printing process, the most taboo point is that the amount of water is large. When controlling the amount of water, the amount of water should be adjusted reasonably according to the size and distribution of the graphic area of the layout, the thickness of the imprinted ink layer, the nature of the printing paper, the performance of the ink, the running speed of the machine, the temperature and humidity of the workshop, the pH value of the fountain solution and the additives added to the ink

3. printing control

in the process of formal machine printing, the operator should concentrate on the following points

(1) look: look at the operation of the machine, look at the ink color of the sample, look at the registration and point quality

(2) listen: listen to whether the machine noise is abnormal. Listen to whether there is noise in the vibration sensitive area of the machine

(3) touch: touch the parts of the machine that are prone to temperature rise due to wear, and check whether there is a significant temperature change

(4) smell: smell whether there is scorched electrical part and other abnormal strange smell. Pay more attention to the power line of UV curing unit when printing UV ink

(5) inspection: check the condition of the printed matter and the determination of the noise sound power level of the machine with heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment - engineering method gb9068 (8) no abnormalities, and eliminate problems in time if found. After printing test, the product can be printed in batches after it is confirmed that there is no problem

pay attention to the following points during batch printing

(1) check whether the specifications of four-color films are consistent (whether the four films are complete)

(2) check whether the pictures and texts are complete by comparing the samples

(3) stabilize the amount of water and ink, achieve the balance of water and ink, and ensure the consistency of ink color of the same batch of prints

(4) try to minimize downtime. After downtime, clean the blanket (you can put some master paper)

finishing and molding

1. preventing carton deformation

carton deformation is a problem that many printing enterprises and end users are very concerned about. It is mainly related to the following factors: offset water volume, ink volume control, workshop temperature and humidity, die-cutting pressure, etc

printing enterprises with better conditions must maintain constant temperature and humidity in the printing workshop. Generally speaking, the temperature of the printing workshop is kept at 18 ~ 25. C. The relative humidity shall be maintained at 50% - 60%. If such conditions cannot be met, a very practical way is to wrap the paper with wrapping film immediately after the completion of a processing process to isolate it from the outside world. This can also prevent dust at the same time

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