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4C principle before packaging design printing

packaging and marketing also have 4C combination. Customer need, cost to meet needs, convenience to realize needs, and communication required to realize needs will all have an important impact on packaging design

psychological packaging needs of customers

first, as a good packaging, designers must understand the real needs of customers for products. For example, in the case of gifts, consumers may be more concerned about its packaging grade, and the size of the packaging will be selected according to the purpose of the gift. It may be very delicate to give to your lover, and it is taboo to be too large, while it is preferred by ordinary guests to give it to a slightly larger package

some products are used to highlight the honor and status of consumers. At this time, the common packaging design and materials in the market are difficult to meet the dignity and curiosity psychology of consumers. Only by making some subversive designs can we make the product taste unparalleled. The typical one is absolute vodka

packaging cost of demand

if it is a fast-moving consumer goods that consumers need for a long time, consumers will not want to pay more purchase costs for packaging. Another situation is to simplify the packaging, because some packaging consumers will think it's a pity to throw it away. If they don't throw it away, it takes up space. The most typical is the tin packaging of tea

packaging is a means to reflect the value of products, not to weaken the value of products. Too high-grade or too low-grade packaging will weaken the value of products, so we must make clear the packaging demand cost that customers are willing to bear for products

is the price of large bottles of Sprite soda more cost-effective than that of small bottles? Are biscuits in bulk cheaper than those in cartons from the same manufacturer? This is that omitting part of the packaging will reduce the link cost, and more can arouse the purchase desire of rational consumers

packaging convenience to meet the needs

the weight of a package, the ease of opening the package, the convenience of carrying the package, and so on, will affect the purchase decisions made by consumers. The packaging expected by consumers often implies the convenience of consumption. In the past, many plastic packaging had to be opened with the help of teeth or scissors, but now most such packaging has a small mouth, light 3 The sample and clamping part can be opened for consumption with a light pull, which takes into account the convenience of demand

packaging communication to meet needs

careful consumers will find that many packaging today is no longer just simple words or patterns, and often a packaging that is easy to impress customers is always illustrated. For example, if you look at the cartoon graphics of Wangzai milk and the text of the can body, you'll drink me if you look at it again. Consumers have been happy to see the cartoon shape of Wangwang milk. When you see this sensational advertisement, how can you not take a can and drink it

for example, some products with history and humanities are often mixed with beautiful words. Words can be solved by ionic liquids, fluorocarbonates, adding overcharged additives, flame retardants, and adopting high stability lithium salts. The power is enough to lead consumers' thoughts in a moment. For example, Remy Martin champagne cognac manual is a model of such communication. When the packaging of a product can use graphics or words to communicate with consumers, or lead consumers to yearn, the packaging of this product is undoubtedly very successful

packaging can be divided into two types, namely rational packaging and emotional packaging. Rational consumers choose rational packaging in most cases, while emotional consumers usually only choose products with emotional packaging. Therefore, before deciding to impress your consumers through packaging design, please think more about whether the consumers you need to impress are rational or emotional, and whether the occasion when they make a purchase decision is rational or emotional

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