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In the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Hu Jintao stressed the need to "optimize the structure of the capital market and increase the proportion of direct financing through multiple channels". The spirit of this speech directly attacked the current difficulties of financing in China, especially the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. Financing "glass door" - more and more open policies are often like glass doors, which are visible to small and medium-sized private enterprises, but are difficult to access. The problem needs to be solved urgently

I. causes analysis

self factors of small and medium-sized enterprises: most small and medium-sized enterprises have a short establishment time, small scale, less self owned capital, and their own weak accumulation can not meet their needs to expand reproduction. The imperfect financial system and non-standard operation of small and medium-sized enterprises cause information asymmetry between banks and enterprises, making it difficult for banks to control credit risks. The credit rating of small and medium-sized enterprises is generally not high. The loan requirements and procedures do not conform to the financing characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises have the characteristics of small demand, urgent requirements and fast turnover in the use of funds, while the "threshold" of loans is higher after the state-owned commercial banks implement credit withdrawal. In terms of the nature of enterprises, most small and medium-sized enterprises are labor-intensive processing enterprises. Compared with knowledge intensive enterprises, labor-intensive enterprises have relatively low profits, low industrial level, less scientific and technological content, and narrow profit space

external environmental constraints: the business philosophy of financial institutions leads to difficulties in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. In the process of serving the reform of state-owned enterprises, commercial banks have consciously or unconsciously moved towards the business pattern of "supporting the big while neglecting the small" under the influence of "grasping the big and letting go of the small". The commercialization reform of banks resulted in insufficient credit input. The credit guarantee system is not perfect, and the mortgage guarantee is difficult to implement. Small and medium-sized enterprises' own operational risks and lack of credit also affect their financing ability. At the same time, policy support is not enough

II. Countermeasures and suggestions

(I) dredge the transmission mechanism of monetary policy and increase effective credit investment. First, commercial banks should introduce investment and financing professionals, strengthen the investigation and research of small and medium-sized enterprise projects, understand the credit status, profitability and growth ability of enterprises, and look for the "combination point" with enterprise financing. The second is to make full use of the banking, government and enterprise negotiation meetings, project promotion meetings, economic and financial situation analysis meetings, financial product exhibitions and other forms organized by the people's Bank of China to build an information communication platform with the government, enterprise management departments and small and medium-sized enterprises. Formulate a policy environment suitable for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, eliminate discrimination against small and medium-sized enterprises, and enhance the status of small and medium-sized enterprises with a fair attitude

(II) relying on the bank credit registration and consultation system, establish and improve the social credit system to provide a good social credit atmosphere for the implementation of monetary policy. First, the local party and government, industry and commerce, taxation, courts and publicity departments should strengthen the publicity and education of integrity, improve the awareness of integrity of the whole people, strive to create a social atmosphere of "honoring credit and disgraceful loss of credit", and intensify the crackdown on the intentional evasion of Bank debt. Second, the people's Bank of China should further strengthen system construction and form a social restriction mechanism that effectively restricts enterprises' dishonesty. Third, with the popularization and application of the bank credit registration and consultation system, a social evaluation system of enterprise credit rating can be established based on the enterprise information and credit information mastered by the bank credit registration and consultation, with the lending behavior between enterprises and banks as the main body, and based on the financial situation of enterprises. Fourth, improve the financial support system for small and medium-sized enterprises. Guide commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives and postal savings banks to further strengthen their support for small and medium-sized enterprises, and strive to achieve a win-win situation for banks and enterprises

(III) strengthen market operation and strengthen credit marketing. As one of the main bodies of the market economy, the financial sector should effectively improve its market-oriented operation ability. First, we should strengthen the concept of loan marketing and strengthen loan marketing, so that monetary policy can be truly implemented. Firmly establish the development awareness and market concept, improve the restraint and incentive mechanism of equal responsibility, right and interest in loan marketing, and improve the authorization and credit system for grass-roots institutions. Second, encourage and mobilize credit personnel to actively develop new customers and increase new loans on the premise of improving the quality of loans. (III) before utilization, the region or county with large demand for loans and good repayment and interest settlement of enterprises can appropriately delegate the right to approve loans; For prefectures and counties with small loan demand and the difference between loan repayment and interest settlement of enterprises, we can adopt the method of shrinking the credit of mechanical parts and aviation equipment parts, or turn the local grass-roots institutions into institutions mainly focusing on deposit, etc. In this way, by adopting flexible and diverse credit management methods, we can optimize the structure and balance the total amount of credit in supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

(IV) strengthen the research on macro-economy and regional economy, and further optimize the credit and industrial structure. Establish a platform for communication among banks, governments and enterprises, work together to integrate local advantageous resources, reasonably arrange bank enterprise projects that still have a particularly large demand space for the foam granulator industry, optimize credit and industrial structure, control the number and scale of similar enterprises, and improve the quality of enterprise survival. Reform the credit management mode of rural credit cooperatives, allow them to carry out commercial credit activities independently for the purpose of making profits, and meet the effective credit needs of small and medium-sized enterprises

(V) establish investment and financing intermediary service institutions, improve the investment and financing environment, and start private capital. First, actively carry out project financing, vigorously develop direct investment, encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize in the market, carry out joint-stock transformation, become bigger and stronger, and support one or two small and medium-sized enterprises to preferentially absorb funds in the capital market by issuing stocks, corporate bonds or convertible bonds. Second, through the cooperation between the government or enterprises and commercial banks, the midsole made of foam microspheres can effectively absorb the impact on the feet during the running process. Commercial banks absorb private idle funds and focus on Issuing large entrusted loans to the government or enterprises. Set up guarantee funds for private investment enterprises in a timely manner to solve the problem of loan guarantee. Third, create conditions to establish private financial institutions and joint-stock small and medium-sized enterprise financial institutions with the participation of some qualified enterprises and individuals, so that it is possible for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain credit support

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