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Analysis of wine box packaging design of national wine

[Abstract] in addition to protecting and beautifying goods, the packaging design of wine also has the important function of advertising goods. A wide range of wines must rely on wine boxes, bottle types and wine labels to show their identity. Among them, the maturity of wine box decoration design idea is the key to the success or failure of the whole design

[key words] design idea raw material image text picture commodity form pattern decoration

wine can be likened to a work of art, so the famous wine known as the quintessence of Chinese culture will also be praised by people like famous paintings. Famous wine, including world famous wine and national famous wine. There are many kinds and styles of wine, including distilled wine, fermented wine and prepared wine. From the research results of alcohol content, the composition and structure of the hydraulic universal material testing machine is also at the leading level in the world, including high, medium, low alcohol and so on

in addition to protecting and beautifying goods, the packaging design of wine also has the important function of advertising goods. A wide range of wines must rely on wine boxes, bottle types and wine labels to show their identity

the packaging shape of wine boxes should be beautiful, but also scientific and firm. The shapes of wine boxes are square (square column, flat square), round and special-shaped, and they are ever-changing in special-shaped boxes

when designing wine boxes, we must have a deep understanding of the packaging object. For example, the category, performance, bottle style, capacity, specification and composition of wine should be clear. In order to achieve scientific and solid shape design of wine box packaging, we also need to study its pressure resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance and theft prevention. We should consider the whole process of commodity packaging, storage, transportation, display and use, and truly realize the protection, convenience and promotion functions of commodity packaging

when designing the picture of wine box, we must have a deeper understanding of the performance characteristics of goods, the sales of similar products and the requirements of consumers; For the packaging of export commodities, it is necessary to understand the international trends and the customs, hobbies and taboos of the selling country. In this way, we can think about how to behave from the collected information and many factors. This is the key to the design, and the maturity of the idea is an important factor that determines the success or failure of the whole design. The siloxane of the wine box is inorganic, and the decoration design idea should be considered from the following aspects:

from the image of the raw materials of wine making: for example, koji liquor can be represented by sorghum, wheat, grain harvest and other graphics; Different grape images can appear in wine; Medicinal wine can paint the images of various medicinal materials and their plant growth; Tiger bone wine can be used as a picture of a vibrant tiger

take text as the image design processing: highlight the wine name text (Chinese, Pinyin, foreign language). Through the different arrangement of words, various fonts and combinations of words of various sizes can leave a deep impression on people

highlight trademarks in commodity packaging and decoration: it is more ideal for famous brands to strengthen their corporate image with brand positioning, such as the packaging of Maotai liquor

it is a package that highlights the commodity form as the image processing, and the "bottle image" of the commodity is used as the image processing in the wine box image design. As shown in Figure 1, the packaging design of "mushroom wine"; White mushroom wine cover, black glaze flowing neck white porcelain bottle, inclined body, constitute a vivid mushroom growth map. The cover is decorated with black product name, enterprise name and yellow banners with black characters, which constitutes a decorative map echoing black and white from top to bottom. The addition of small baskets and tags adds to the burden of mushroom bottles, adding pure emotion. Leave a deep impression on consumers

design with pattern decoration as the picture: using patterns as embellishments can indirectly show the quality of wine, using exquisite patterns to show fine brewing, and using rough patterns to show aging. Separate patterns can be used (symmetrical and balanced); Suitable for pattern (shape, corner and edge); Continuous pattern (two side continuous, four side continuous); When choosing patterns and texture shading for decoration, we should try to be related to some aspect of the goods as much as possible. We should never decorate the packaging design for decoration, which is too noisy to dominate. As shown in Figure 2, the packaging of "Jingyanggang aged wine"; The white porcelain bottle is sealed with dark blue cloth knots and tied with yellow gourd red streamers to enhance color contrast. The whole is decorated in dark blue. The graphics are selected from the legendary story of Jingyang Gang Wusong fighting the tiger, and are drawn with traditional Chinese painting line drawing. The product name is seal script, and the running script is used to praise Jingyanggang wine. The brand image leaves a deep memory for consumers and produces rich associations

deal with the picture with local characteristics: as shown in Figure 3, the packaging of "old wine Tequ in credit store"; The structure adopts the shape of residential tiles, and emphasizes the shape characteristics of tiles with dark red and dark blue. Its packaging, composition, text, graphics and colors all reflect folk characteristics. It reflects a strong local flavor

handle decoration pictures with wine culture: such as Dukang wine, Li Bai wine, Dufu wine, Cao Xueqin's wine and other wines named after literati. Selecting celebrities to drink and mention poems and other pictures can reflect celebrities and wine culture. As shown in Figure 4, "yiyangde power supply power should be greater than the total power of the instrument" packaging; There are two kinds of silk boxes in red and blue. The surface of the box is decorated with dark brick seal characters of the same color, and the theme "Yiyang Dejiu" is highlighted with bronzing. The binding is made of red and blue silk ropes that are the same as the surface of the box for unification. The display design in the box, the black background color is to highlight the shape of money coins, and the poetry can celebrate the cultural history of this wine through the contrast of black and white. It reflects the long history of wine culture

in a word, the design of the successful wine box has a unique and distinctive personality, and has the effect of making people know their identity at a glance among many kinds of wine

Yang Guolin, Art Department of Ezhou University

source: China packaging 2005/3

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