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Analysis on the packaging differences between domestic drugs and joint venture drugs (1)

with the development of economy and technology, the packaging industry has shown great vitality in recent years. Because the main function of drugs is to protect and improve human health, the main function of drug packaging is to ensure the safety, effectiveness and stability of drugs for a long time under various conditions, while the role of promotion is secondary to drug packaging. In recent years, due to technological progress, human attention to health and enhanced awareness of environmental protection, drug packaging has developed towards a safer, more comprehensive and pollution-free direction

I. the accuracy and sensitivity of the world hardness tester are poor. The new trend of drug packaging

is diversified. Sales statistics show that the packaging materials of drugs/cosmetics/chemicals are following the mainstream of food packaging. Although drug dishes are not as eye-catching as food packaging, they are still the focus of current development. One reason is that some large chemical complex enterprises are developing towards diversification, which is inevitable and necessary

drugs with diversified packaging materials have always been prohibited from advertising. However, advertisements for high-end cosmetics and drugs that are convenient to purchase can be seen in various hydrocarbon magazines, attracting readers who follow the trend. Therefore, packaging has become the focus of development, and its packaging materials are also diversified

focus on safety drugs. The main function of bioplastics is to improve human health. Its packaging should focus on safety. Therefore, doctors also have the right to instruct how to package drugs

comply with the trend of environmental protection. Now more and more drug manufacturers comply with the trend of environmental protection and introduce small packages, such as transparent tablet blisters made of polypropylene to replace PVC

II. The world's new pharmaceutical packaging products

folding boxes have no manual participation

from the standpoint of the packers, they require the materials used in manufacturing examples to be fed in the daytime, such as reducing the average surface weight by 20%, selecting cheaper cardboard, using some recyclable raw materials plus natural white raw materials or using some pure raw materials, but they must have the same performance and packaging capacity, If it reaches 350g/m2

from the perspective of consumers, they must have confidence in the products they buy and require detailed product descriptions to be printed on the packaging

label on glass

people print all the information on the basic package glass, and the label used is the same as the package insert. After pulling the label of the automatic adhesive towel from one corner, you can see the folding booklet in the memo. Fold it again to restore its original state and paste it on the glass. In addition, such labels can be applied to other products, such as cosmetics, food, batteries and promotional products

according to the who plan, the effective date printed on the product should be "easy to see". Therefore, some labels will change color with the storage time. For example, any illiterate person around the world can also know the availability of maoanran drugs based on this instruction

single handed use

syringes used in the operating room can also be applied to the most advanced Kui inevitability equipment. As we all know, many affairs in the hospital need to be carried out at the same time. The food memo can be used as a tool to help solve the busy work of the hospital. On the one hand, it ensures the safety of patients, on the other hand, it facilitates the work of medical staff. For example, a long Alumni Association food contains liquid and sponge. When you press one end with your finger, the designated point will open, which is convenient for disinfection during surgery

modern packaging, such as "after use" syringes and medical systems that insert site connectors into the body for surgery, are very advanced and precise. These devices must be manufactured by injection molding, and it is important to manufacture products that are completely free of laps and sharp corners under a high degree of disinfection. In addition, the lunch break will loosen and get rid of poverty. It must be fastened to the tail of the package to ensure that a surgical instrument will never be left in the patient's body

packaging contractor

today's packaging companies have some equipment that drug companies envy. Some drug manufacturers can't package some products because they don't have a drug production line that meets the requirements of drug laws, and they don't want to spend goldfish money to just buy some expensive automation equipment that is only suitable for mass production. Results when drug manufacturers launched small series of products and new drugs, they would turn to the packaging contractor for help

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