The world's first 6rt made in Changshu

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Changshu made the world's first 6rt

the world's first 6rt flex35 marine diesel engine crankshaft, which was successfully manufactured in Suzhou Hidili Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. and shipped to Zhuhai for installation, thus filling a gap in the international field

according to Lin Yaowu, chief engineer of Hidili heavy industry, the combined crankshaft in marine diesel engine crankshafts was previously only capable of manufacturing in a few countries such as Japan. In recent years, China has imported crankshafts at an annual cost of up to US $50million. The high price, accompanied by the current situation that "one axle is as difficult as one ton or more", has seriously hindered the development of China's shipbuilding industry

Hidili heavy industry is a private enterprise in Changshu. It has only been established for more than 3 years and is mainly engaged in the production of modern marine power equipment parts. The company has widely absorbed the crankshaft manufacturing and processing technology at home and abroad, and jointly tackled key technical problems with domestic well-known universities and scientific research institutions, so as to find a development path of combining industry, University and research, independent innovation and independent development. The company pays attention to improving the professional quality of all employees, compiles four sets of teaching materials such as crankshaft finishing technology, and implements full staff training for different positions and different types of work, which will fully release its actual effect in the future production process. Due to the complex production process and long processing time of marine crankshafts, general production enterprises can only produce two to three crankshafts a year. The semi combined crankshaft of 6rt-flex35 marine diesel engine took only 4 months from receiving the order to the production line of the finished product. From January to August this year, Hidili heavy industry has produced ships below S46. Most experts participating in the inspection believe that 11 crankshafts are used, and the annual order number is 20, breaking the domestic production record of marine crankshafts

Lin Yaowu said that the development and production of 6rt-1 flexible packaging manufacturer flex35 marine diesel engine semi combined crankshaft is only one of the strategic development goals of the enterprise. At the same time, the company also focuses on the production of high-power, small-scale, high-strength alloy steel marine crankshaft that is difficult to produce and has high process requirements, all of which depend on imports. To this end, the company has widely absorbed the crankshaft manufacturing and processing technology at home and abroad and set up a special research team, A series of research work was published in the International Journal of electrochemistry and materials (Journal of power sources28 projects have been implemented to tackle key technical problems. At present, 20 projects have been completed, and a number of crankshaft core manufacturing technologies and tooling supporting technologies with independent intellectual property rights have been formed. Among them, the processing technology of ultra deep R-groove of small-sized crankshaft, the red sleeve technology of small-sized ultra-fine length crankshaft, the finishing technology of small-sized low-speed marine diesel engine crankshaft, and the design and application technology of wide-edged knife tools have reached the same level of international production At the product level, there are 9 patents applied for, 2 invention patents and 7 utility model patents

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