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Development of European flexible packaging market

in terms of packaging output value and output, flexible packaging is the main component of the European packaging market. About 1/3 of the total European packaging expenditure involves flexible packaging, which is expected to have a market value of about US $7.5 billion, and the annual growth rate of output value is about 2%. Germany accounts for 25% of the total output in Europe, followed by Britain, France and Italy. It is estimated that 80% of the output of flexible packaging is used in food and beverage and other related products. According to conservative prediction, there are about 3000 flexible packaging manufacturers in Europe, most of which belong to Pan European group

this competition stimulates the industrial sector, whose extension rate can be adjusted according to customer requirements, to face many direct challenges. One of the challenges is lower profits compared with American competitors. At the same time, it has also led to a certain degree of consolidation due to a variety of reasons, mainly including: customers' failures often produce internationalization; Economic and performance pressure from supermarkets and super large self-service malls; The pressure on operating profit caused by low-cost production to achieve the "best mix"

now, it is more and more important that manufacturers must be able to produce a full range of products required by the buyer, and at the same time, they must be able to deliver the goods to any place in Europe required by the buyer on time. Replace crystal today 1 not only for large-scale soft packs that account for 50% of the market share, but also for Timken OK load packaging group, which has passed this level, but also for small and medium-sized processors who are eager to expand their business

at present, many flexible packaging manufacturers hope to choose suppliers that can provide one-stop solutions in order to shorten the supply chain. In addition to shortening the communication channel, one-stop suppliers can better respond to the company's requirements and provide the right product portfolio. At the same time, it can also reduce biased opinions in the disputes of flexible printing and gravure printing

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