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Progress of domestic liquid chromatograph

liquid chromatograph is one of the fastest-growing analytical instruments in the world at present. In recent years, the number of papers on liquid chromatography published in the world every year has exceeded that of gas chromatography, and the application field of liquid chromatography has also greatly exceeded that of gas chromatography. 85% of organic compounds with basically the same cost can be analyzed by liquid chromatography, while the organic compounds that can be analyzed by gas chromatography account for about 15% - 20%. However, the development of liquid chromatograph in China lags far behind that of gas chromatograph. Recently, entrusted by the financial department of the Ministry of science and technology, the "recommended products of domestic scientific instruments in 1999" was hosted and organized by the China instrumentation society and the China Association for analysis and testing. In recent years, 17 products of gas chromatograph with rapid consumption and expanding utilization scope were selected, while only two products of liquid chromatograph (one of which is ion chromatograph) were selected. At present, almost all liquid chromatographs used in China are imported products. At the BCEIA longmang Baili (13.950, 0.00, 0.00%) announcement meeting on February 13, six manufacturers of domestic liquid chromatographs were exhibited, including P200 II high performance liquid chromatograph of Dalian elite scientific instruments Co., Ltd. and lc-5500 liquid chromatograph of Beijing East West Electronic Technology Research Institute, which represent the development trend and current situation of domestic liquid chromatographs in light weight and low energy consumption

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