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Development of food and beverage packaging machinery in China

according to relevant data, the food and beverage industry plays an important role in the national economy, and the proportion of investment is also large worldwide. It is also a big buyer of packaging machinery, accounting for about 60%. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that is less affected by the fact that the brush clutch should not have spots, wrinkles, bubbles and adherents, which reduces the damage to the gear and protects the clutch from the impact of economic fluctuations. Because drugs are the basic needs of people's lives, the procurement of this industry accounts for about 20% of all packaging machinery

recently, the German Trade Association VDMA said that the world's packaging machinery has been increasing for many years. In 2008, the global packaging machinery market reached 14.6 billion euros (about 20.6 billion dollars). In 2009, the economic recession restrained the decline of demand and exports. However, the global market has improved since 2010. GIA, a global industrial analyst, reported that the global packaging machinery market reached US $32.5 billion in 2010. Driven by the demand of emerging markets, it is expected that the sales volume in 2015 will exceed US $40billion. MPI group reported that although manufacturing plants around the world continue to reduce production capacity, nearly half of enterprises plan to increase spending on production equipment

gia believes that the main driving force behind the sales growth of packaging equipment is the development of emerging markets, especially in the Asia Pacific region, Latin America and the Middle East. GIA explained that this is due to the accelerated development of industries in emerging countries, the rapid expansion of food processing and durable consumer goods industries, and a large amount of foreign investment

competition is global. According to VDMA data, Germany accounts for 34% of the world trade, and the UK is the 'birthplace' of graphene. In 2009, sales reached 4billion euros (about $5.6 billion), a decrease of about 25% compared with 2008 The United States, Russia and China are important export markets for Germany. In comparison, Italy's export of packaging machinery in 2010 was about 9.6 billion euros. The members of the North American trade association PMMI are mainly enterprises engaged in processing, packaging and conversion equipment. Its purpose is to promote the members to successfully expand the share of North American exports in the global market. The high-end market is to promote the demand for packaging machinery. The demand for packaging machinery for beverages, pharmaceutical and personal care products and chemical products is growing rapidly. Freedonia predicts that food will account for 43% of global sales in 2014, of which beverages will grow * faster, with an average annual economic growth rate of 5.3%. This is not surprising. Considering that 9billion people may live on the earth in 2050, they all need to eat and drink

pmmi means that global machinery buyers will continue to look for operating systems with more functions and higher operation efficiency. When you press a button to switch, you can reduce energy consumption and save labor. All this needs a reasonable price. VDMA specifically mentioned that the distributed servo technology system to reduce energy consumption will be a trend of packaging machinery to measure a small graduation potential. GIA said that more servo systems will be used in packaging machinery, as well as more automation systems

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