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Development of GZ6800 luxury bus and chassis

Abstract: This paper briefly describes the development process, structural characteristics and main technical performance parameters of GZ6800 luxury bus and chassis

key words: development of transverse middle ridge behind the chassis of luxury passenger cars

gz6800 luxury passenger cars and chassis are new products developed by our company, which are mainly suitable for medium and long-distance passenger transport, tourism and highway passenger transport with high departure density. This product is developed by using the chassis assembly configuration of Dongfang Motor Corporation EQ 1090kru 8m low floor bus and a number of assembly designs with high technical content, such as the backbone frame in the bus, the transverse arrangement behind the engine, etc. The whole vehicle has novel shape, smooth lines, luxurious interior and comfortable ride

1 Market Research

in recent years, the rapid development of domestic highways, high-grade highways and the national economy has driven the prosperity of long-distance passenger transport and tourism, resulting in the continuous increase of bus operating companies and increasingly fierce competition among peers. In the early years, most of the buses purchased by long-distance passenger transport companies were imported or luxury buses produced by domestic joint ventures. In order to maintain competitive advantage, most operating companies adopted the means of increasing departure density to attract passengers, which resulted in a situation of low bus load rate and high operation cost, and many passenger transport companies were in business difficulties. In view of this market feature, it is necessary to develop a luxury medium-sized bus that can not only meet the use of medium and long distance and tourism, but also adapt to the high departure density and high actual load rate

2 product design scheme

the development of GZ6800 luxury bus and chassis should break through the traditional design scheme and be innovative, We should boldly adopt new technologies, and the program tells us: "Preschool education resources are everywhere, and new technologies are used to carry out the layout of the bus chassis system and the development of the body structure, so that the bus can meet the requirements of high-speed, comfortable riding and novel shape, and strive to achieve serialization, generalization and standardization.

2.1 chassis system

after the investigation of other similar domestic models and the screening of chassis, combined with the process characteristics of the company, it is decided to develop the bus chassis by itself to achieve the design task Requirements of the book. The main assembly of the chassis adopts the chassis parts of Dongfang Motor Corporation EQ 1090kru 8 m bus, the engine adopts Cummins 6bta, the rear horizontal layout, and a new power transmission mechanism is designed. The frame adopts a new three-stage structure. The front section is the front wheel steering control part, the rear section is the power drive part, and the middle section is the middle ridge structure. The front and rear sections are connected with the middle ridge by bolts, and there are four connection points in the front and rear, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 structural diagram of backbone three-stage frame in passenger cars

2.1.1 characteristics of the new three-stage frame technology

(1) using the three-stage frame, the front and rear sections can be independently and side-by-side produced with the body, and the three parts can be assembled into a complete vehicle after their respective assembly, which overcomes the traditional series production process from chassis to body, shortens the production cycle and delivery time, and improves the enterprise's response to the market, Accelerated capital turnover

(2) using a three-stage frame, you can get a larger luggage compartment below the floor, and form a through luggage compartment between the front and rear sections and the middle spine frame. GZ6800 bus is mainly used for medium and long-distance passenger transport and tourism. Most passengers have carry on luggage and need a luggage compartment with a certain volume. Therefore, this bus with a large luggage compartment has attracted the attention of customers and passengers

(3) the use of three-stage frame can separate the production of body and chassis with middle ridge, which is easy to carry out combined design, give full play to the technical advantages of our company's girder, and meet the different configuration requirements of customers for body and chassis

(4) the body is welded and coated independently to avoid deformation or damage of chassis plastic parts due to high temperature during the production process, especially during paint baking

(5) the three-stage frame structure is much simpler than the grid frame structure, without complex process measures. On the premise of meeting the use requirements, it is easy to ensure reliability and reduce production costs

2.1.2 advantages of rear transverse engine

the layout of rear transverse engine is one of the development trends of bus technology. Whoever masters this technology first can occupy an active position in the market competition

(1) the rear transverse engine can reduce the rear suspension size of the chassis and make the best use of the interior space. With this arrangement, the length of bus body with high-power six cylinder engine can be controlled within 8 M

(2) the rear transverse engine greatly simplifies the structure of the cooling system and achieves better cooling effect

2.1.3 main assembly configuration of the chassis system

the chassis is based on the chassis assembly of Dongfang Motor Company EQ 1090kru 8m bus, and its main structural parameters are as follows

(1) engine: Cummins 6bta, maximum power 132 kW/2500 rpm, maximum torque 617 n · m/1500 rpm

(2) front axle: I-beam integral type, allowable load 3000 KGF

(3) rear car: the allowable load is 6000 KGF, and the main reduction ratio is 4.857

(4) steering system: non power steering (power steering can be selected), and the height and angle of the steering wheel are adjustable

(5) braking system: double circuit air braking, with direct step series brake valve, dryer, blowdown valve, four circuit protection valve, service brake and parking brake, etc

(6) clutch: φ 380 spiral spring clutch adopts imported master and slave pumps and is operated by hydraulic power

(7) gearbox: mechanical EQ 150 enhanced five speed gearbox, improved speed control

(8) rear transverse drive mechanism: it is composed of rear clutch gear parallel box, transmission shaft and right angle driver, as shown in Figure 2

(9) others: drawer type spare wheel device, drawer type battery bracket, soft cable throttle

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of transverse arrangement behind the engine

2.2 body structure

the body adopts streamlined shape, and designs a new type of mid spine bearing body structure, which has a novel appearance, luxurious and generous, smooth lines, and dynamic

2.2.1 body external structure

the front wall assembly adopts an integral FRP structure, bonded panoramic windshield, imported wipers and luxury rear-view mirrors, and a segmented front trim cover that is convenient for the spare wheel to be pulled out; The rear wall is a block type integral FRP structure, and the tail lamp is installed on the rear wall bumper; The side window is a curved closed glass, the side wall skin is a tension plate, and the lower skirt is an aluminum plate adhesive structure

2.2.2 general layout in the car

the passenger area is a high floor, 29 front, rear and transverse adjustable luxury seats, aluminum alloy integral cold air duct and small luggage rack assembly, the interior is softened and luxurious, and equipped with luxury dashboard, glove box, guardrail and lighting dome lamp. The layout of the driving area is reasonable, simple and tidy

2.2.3 composition of the body skeleton

the side wall, top cover and lower luggage compartment skeleton of the body adopt square tube welding structure, which is characterized by connecting the segmented side window column with the arc column, the skirt auxiliary column adopts the broken line structure, the side wall skeleton and the middle spine are welded through the square tube beam and the trough beam, the lower skirt of the middle spine of the body is welded into a through type lower luggage compartment with square tubes, and the square tube grille of the compartment becomes an integral part of the torsion resistant skeleton of the body. The front wall is equipped with an integral gantry

frame, and the rear wall is installed after the gantry frame is composed of a segmented FRP body, a side wall and a top cover

2.3 installation and arrangement of non independent air conditioner

the air conditioner adopts Japan zexl e dm-14 non independent air conditioner, with a maximum refrigerating capacity of 17000 kcal/h. double pressure this year and in the future, 3 yuan 622 and 811 will become new wind compressors, which are arranged on the upper part of the engine on the left side of the vehicle body in the engine compartment, the condenser is installed on the right side of the engine compartment, and the evaporator is arranged inside the rear end of the vehicle roof

2.4 main technical performance parameters of the whole vehicle

size (mm)

length/width/height 8000/2320/3240

front/rear wheel spacing 1 830/1 650

front suspension/rear suspension/wheelbase 1 800/2 200/4 000

height in the carriage 2 000

floor height off the ground (air exports to developed countries take the middle and low end as the main load) 1 200

seat spacing 740

passenger door first step height 360

mass (kg)

curb weight 6400

front axle/rear axle 2100/4300

maximum allowable mass 9000

front axle/rear axle 3000/6000

basic performance parameters

seating capacity (PCS) 29+ 1

luggage compartment volume (M3) 312

maximum speed (km/h) ≥ 110

approach angle/departure angle (°) 12/11

maximum climbing slope (%) ≥ 25

time required for starting and gearshift to accelerate to 80 km h (s) ≤ 50

constant speed driving (direct gear) fuel consumption (l/100 km) 15

3 conclusion

at present, the trial production and test of GZ6800 luxury bus and chassis have been completed, and have passed the appraisal. It began mass production and put on the market in April 2000. GZ6800 luxury bus has won the favor of medium and long distance passenger transport companies and tourism companies for its novel shape, unique structure and good power. (end)

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