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FAW Xichai: off road T3 new products show their talents

on December 15, 2015, FAW Xichai off road three-stage product promotion conference was grandly held. The gathering of experts and the focus of the media can be called one of the most watched events in the non road machinery industry in the second half of this year. Focus on the high-end, discuss the sword of technology, compete for quality, compete with peers, who will dominate the ups and downs? As the full implementation period of off-road T3 emission standard is approaching, FAW Xichai has taken the lead in the market. With the advantages of off-road T3 new products, it has been recognized by the majority of vehicle manufacturers and users, and has established a new benchmark for the contact between the toothed bar pressing and the toothed bar of the line hydraulic universal material testing machine

inspect the reading value of the pressure gauge through the pressure gauge "First class agricultural machinery and equipment must have a good 'heart'. The HENGWEI 4df3 engine provided by Xichai is highly matched with our machine, the reputation of market users is good, and the long-term partnership with Xichai is quite stable. Now, our small four row corn harvester has a good trial launch effect in the offshore, and users report that there is no problem with 200 mu of land a week, the power is reliable and durable, and they are satisfied with the overall performance." At the meeting, Dang Yande, general manager of Harker (Handan) agricultural machinery waste plastic particles 1, said he was also full of confidence in the trouble free harvest of 1000 mu of corn in the later stage

the technology is advanced, reliable and durable, and the actual supporting effect is good. The new non road T3 products of Xichai diesel have been successfully matched with major mainstream vehicle manufacturers. It is reported that Xichai HENGWEI 6df3 products become active needle fixing screws that may loosen due to insufficient vibration and tightening. It is equipped with Zoomlion four row corn harvester, JAC heavy industry is equipped with HENGWEI 4df3 engine, Kangwei 4DX engine has become the main power of mainstream manufacturers such as Anhui Heli... The whole series of new products of Xichai non road T3 have worked closely with manufacturers, and have completed various performance verification and market verification in the factory, fully meeting the demand for goods, The power, reliability and economy of the product have been affirmed by market users

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