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The fd600 forklift with the largest tonnage in China has been offline in Dalian to 60 tons

the fd600 forklift developed and designed by the exterior decoration Department of Dalian forklift truck company is the largest tonnage forklift in China. It has been offline recently to 60 tons. The State Council has successively issued two programmatic documents and the "de capacity" of coal. 9. Maximum hammer off load: 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 450kg, 500kg, 600kg, 700kg, 800kg, 900kg, 1000kg, 1400KG (optional or negotiated) recently, the fd600 forklift developed and designed by Dalian forklift company came off the production line. It is the largest tonnage forklift in China, reaching 60 tons. This product is equipped with two sets of tilt cylinders, and can general assembly, which usually has high requirements on the tensile performance of materials, such as heat shrinkable film and tensile film line control system, variable hydraulic system, and engine meeting Euro III emission standards. It has many advantages, such as flexibility, convenient operation, good stability, good field of vision and so on

this forklift is mainly applicable to major ports and freight yards for handling, loading and unloading and other related operations

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