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Fc240 Holloway decides to successfully defend the title. The mechanical beast won the hard battle and breathtaking victory

Holloway unanimously decided to defeat Edgar to successfully defend the title of UFC featherweight champion

ufc China News ufc240: Holloway vs Edgar has been held in Edmonton, Canada, on July 28, Beijing time. In all 11 games, there were three Ko and one surrender

in the headline main race, Max Holloway unanimously decided to defeat Frankie Edgar and successfully defend the badminton title. In the joint main race, justino, the "mechanical beast", also defeated Felicia Spencer with a unanimous decision, and is likely to become the next challenger for the women's Badminton Championship

featherweight Championship: Max Holloway (c) unanimously decided to win Frankie Edgar (4)

after the start of the featherweight championship, the performance of the two players in the first round was equal, and both players hit their opponents with a considerable number of blows. During this period, Edgar's attack was very active, and Holloway also looked for counter attack opportunities while wandering around the periphery. In the second round, the scene began to tilt to Holloway's side, and he began to take the lead in the number of hits and hit rate. Frequent hits also slowed Edgar's offensive. About 3.5 points, Edgar tried to throw Holloway, but was hit in the face by his opponent. Before the end of the round, Holloway hit Edgar's abdomen with a side kick at the edge of the cage. Fortunately, his strength was not strong. In the third round, Edgar changed his tactics and began to wrestle Holloway, but he was successfully defended by his opponent after many attempts. At the same time, his face also had some redness and swelling due to continuous blows. At the last minute, Edgar finally managed to throw Holloway down and control his opponent on the ground, but there was no chance to add water first and then add materials for mixing operation attack

in the fourth round, the two continued to compete in the standing attack. During this period, Edgar still tried hard to hold Holloway, but failed once. Holloway continued to take a big lead in hitting and broke Edgar's nose. The scene was more unfavorable for Edgar. In the last round, the situation remained the same as before. Although Holloway didn't punch as much as Edgar, he was far ahead in the hit rate. ED could improve the utilization of non-ferrous materials. He had no way but to deal with it. After the final five rounds, Holloway was unanimously determined to win with,,, and successfully defended the UFC featherweight title

women's featherweight: Cristiane justino unanimously decided to win Felicia Spencer

justino launched a fierce attack at the beginning, but Spencer responded well and successfully punched justino's forehead with a wonderful elbow stroke during this period. After withstanding the opponent's fierce attack, Spencer suppressed justino to the edge of the cage, and the two continued a round of close combat, but they failed to knock down the opponent. Back in the middle of the court, justino still took the initiative to attack. She kicked Spencer down with a low sweep, but the latter quickly stood up and fought back in avoidance. Before the end of the round, Spencer pressed justino to the edge of the cage again, and the two ended the first five minutes in the embrace. After the start of the second round, Spencer seized the opportunity of justino's knee to suppress her to the edge of the cage, but after some attempts, she failed to fall to her opponent, but was thrown to the ground by justino in about 2 minutes. Then justino launched a smash attack in the upper position, but Spencer defended well. She locked justino's arm with one leg, making the opponent unable to attack with all her strength. After returning to standing, the two sides launched a round of boxing confrontation, during which jastino had a slight advantage, including a wonderful Superman punch that hit Spencer. In the third round, justino successfully avoided Spencer's close fall for many times and hit back with precision. In the middle of the round, the two men fought close at the edge of the cage, during which jastino's elbow hit Spencer badly, but he still failed to take advantage of this to end his opponent. In the last three minutes, justino had a clear advantage in the standing attack, and although Spencer was hit a lot, he was never knocked down. After the final three rounds, justino was unanimously determined to win with,, points

welterweight: Geoff Neal TKO wins Niko price

the two start in a standing confrontation. Neil's heavy hitting ability makes price have some concerns. In about 2 minutes, Neil beautifully fell down price, but the latter reacted quickly on the ground and tried ankle lock, which forced Neil to give up the opportunity to attack and return to standing. Nearly four minutes later, price knocked Neil down with a punch after hitting his head with two consecutive high scans, but Neil also hit price hard on the head at the same time, almost forming a double Ko. After the ground suppression failed, the two returned to stand. Neil fell down again at the edge of the cage and tried to twist naked, but his opponent broke away. At the beginning of the second round, Neil launched a round of fierce attack on price, which imported a total of 413 extruders from Thailand from China from January to October this year, and price did not show weakness and gave a tough counterattack, but was finally held down by Neil. After entering the ground, Neil was always on the top to punch price on the ground, which not only disfigured price, but also defeated the opponent's defense, making the referee terminate the game at 2:39

lightweight: Olivier Aubin Mercier unanimously judged negative Arman Tsarukyan

salukyan, who was good at wrestling, directly held Mercer close through two feints after the start. Although he failed to fall directly to his opponent, he controlled Mercer in the lower position for a long time, taking advantage of it, but the scene was also dreary. In the second round, mosir hit an impressive start, especially in about 2 minutes, when his opponent threw himself in his arms, a knee hit salukian's head, causing a heavy blow to his opponent. However, salukian reacted quickly. He immediately hugged his legs to prevent Mercer from further attack, and kept hugging and falling for the rest of the time to try to fall Mercer again. In the third round, salukian strengthened his standing offensive, and put forward five complete requirements in the first minute of the game, surpassing mosir in the time. After that, salukian repeated his old skills to bring the game to the ground again, and has been on the top to firmly suppress the Canadians. Although Mercer has also tried triangle strangulation and other counterattack means on the ground, they have not taken shape. Finally, the game ended in sarukian's one-sided suppression, and he also unanimously decided to win with,, points

middleweight: Marc Andre barriault's disagreement was negative. Krzysztof jotko

after a trial at the beginning, qiaokete held bariault close and tried to fall down his opponent, but failed. Then the two changed positions at the edge of the cage, but failed to achieve their goals. In the second half of the round, both sides returned to the center of the field to stand and attack, and bariot had a slight advantage in this process. In the second round, baliot, who fought at home, beat Joe Cott in both hitting and hit rates. He hit his opponent's face with many punches in a row and had a wonderful hug and fall at the end of the round. For jocott, he also fell to bariott before the end of the round, but both sides failed to suppress their opponents on the ground. In the last round, the scene seemed to tilt to the side of bariot, who had been chasing jocott and disguising his opponent. But qiaokete also fought back. Although the threat was small, he also hit many times. More than 20 seconds before the end of the game, Joe Cotte had a great opportunity to attack. He threw down bariot and smashed his fist in the riding position, but the time was over. In the end, chotko decided to win narrowly with the difference of points

in terms of "best bonuses", the "best competition" bonus was awarded to Alexander pantoha vs. devison figredo in the flyweight duel, and the two "best performance" bonuses were awarded to Jeff Neil and Hakim davodou respectively

the following is the final result of this event: (p is the official ranking of the players in this magnitude)

main race:

featherweight Championship: Max Holloway (c) unanimously wins Frankie Edgar (4)

women's featherweight: Christian justino unanimously wins Felicia Spencer

welterweight: Geoff Neal TKO wins Niko price

lightweight: Olivier Aubin Mercier unanimously determines negative Arman Tsarukyan

middleweight: Marc Andre barriault disagrees with negative Krzysztof jotko

side match:

women's fly weight: Alexis Davis (8) unanimously judged negative Viviane Araujo (15)

featherweight: Hakeem Dawodu TKO defeated Yoshinori Horie

featherweight: Gavin Tucker defeated Seoung woo CHO.I)

fly magnitude: Alexander pantoha (Alexandre Pantoja) (3) unanimously judged negative. Davidson Figueiredo) (4)

female fly weight: Gillian Robertson TKO beats Sarah frota

welterweight: Erik Koch unanimously judged Kyle Stewart

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