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FAW Xichai practices the concept of green environmental protection from the "origin"

FAW Xichai practices the concept of green environmental protection from the "origin"

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recent news frequently shows that the energy-saving and low-carbon natural gas machines of Xichai Aowei series have shocked the market nationwide with the natural gas products of FAW Jiefang J6 The green and environmentally friendly Xichai Aowei 11 liter national four machine Co., Ltd. made a brilliant debut nationwide with the liberation J6 pilot tractor... Under the social background of increasing calls for green and environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and high efficiency have become the common mission of the whole society. As an important "pawn" in the process of FAW's "blueprint strategy" and an excellent supplier of domestic high-end brand power, FAW Xichai has been committed to the research and development of green and low emission engines for many years, and has made leading breakthroughs in a number of innovative technologies, which has attracted widespread attention in the industry

innovative technology promotes energy saving "full intelligence"

"ca6sm natural gas engine won the best green design award in China's innovative design at the innovation ceremony, and the successful application of diesel engine intelligent start/stop technology has made a leading breakthrough in the field of industrial technological innovation... At the 9th FAW Xichai science and technology conference held on February 28, a number of innovative achievements focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection were commended, It shows that Xichai pays attention to green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction

"Xichai intelligent idle start and stop technology has been successfully put into use on 130 new energy vehicles of Changzhou bus recently, truly realizing the 'full intelligence' of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection". With the vigorous promotion of national policies and the acceleration of the implementation of the national four standards for diesel engines, Xichai has taken the lead before the development of the new energy field was hotly discussed at the two sessions this year. The "automatic flameout technology when parking" developed by Xichai has made a phased breakthrough. When encountering a red light or parking, the engine will automatically flameout, and the engine will start immediately when stepping on the accelerator pedal again or releasing the brake, realizing energy conservation and environmental protection and full intelligence

"the car equipped with Xichai Aowei engine can save fuel more efficiently, and the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 2 ~ 3 liters less than that of similar models." People clearly remember that a few months ago, in the "China FAW Commercial Vehicle 'fuel I decide' - fuel saving challenge" hosted by FAW Group, the Jiefang J6 11 liter tractor equipped with Xichai Aowei engine created an industry record of 24.4 liters of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers with its excellent quality under the control of fuel saving masters. In recent years, Xichai has focused its strategy on technological innovation. While accelerating the emission upgrading of products, it also maximizes the fuel economy of the whole vehicle in an all-round way. Among them, the "diesel vehicle load intelligent identification fuel saving control method" has broken through the fuel saving bottleneck in the development of diesel engine electronic control. The device is combined with key technologies such as GPS, EGR and engine braking, and makes every effort to provide services in all aspects, making Xichai the only enterprise in the diesel engine industry that also has the core key technologies in this field. At the same time, "fuel saving control method of partial cylinder shutdown of diesel engine" and "start/stop technology research project" have built the technical advantages of Xichai electronically controlled diesel engine in fuel saving

"the three assemblies of Aowei engine, gearbox and drive axle used in Jiefang J6 pilot version have all been replaced with lubricating oil for 100000 kilometers, and the warranty standard has been raised to 300000 kilometers for three years, eliminating the worries of users." Through the optimization design of its engine combustion, lubrication, oil supply and other systems, Xichai adopts advanced manufacturing technology to improve the processing accuracy of parts and components to ensure the heat dissipation of electromechanical work. The maximum torque is increased by 10% compared with the original products, and the engine oil change cycle is extended to a maximum of 100000 kilometers, saving maintenance costs and time for users

in recent years, Xichai has made breakthroughs in emission reduction technology and quality with fuel-saving technology, achieved key scientific and technological achievements such as engine research and development technology with long service life and engine technology with high economic benefits, and successively completed more than 40 innovation projects and 61 patent achievements. Through adaptive and personalized development of products, not only the quality and performance are continuously optimized, but also the maintenance cost of users is reduced

the whole "core" upgrade and then measure the output of the amplifier unit of the pendulum impact testing machine, creating a new era of green power

there is no doubt that the integration of environmental protection elements into engine technology research and development is an inevitable trend that people pay more and more attention to the living environment, which is synchronized with ideas and development. It is imperative to open the fog and observe the sky

as early as 2006, Xichai invested heavily in the fourth national R & D, and adopted the dual technical routes of high-voltage common rail +scr and high-voltage common rail +egr+poc. The newly developed xichaiguo four series products, the combustion system ensures the efficient and clean combustion of fuel oil, and the advanced emission post-treatment device can effectively remove the emission of nitrogen oxide from exhaust gas. Compared with similar products, the main performance indicators of the products are at the international advanced level. The hot end EGR system driven by its intelligent motor not only solves the technical problems of the application of the hot end EGR valve system in medium and heavy commercial diesel engines, but also obtains two utility model patents, such as the control mechanism of EGR valve arranged at the hot end of diesel engine and the structure of double channel butterfly valve. At the same time, the self-developed Aowei 11lca6dm Guosi engine also has 3 invention patents and 5 utility model patents, and its power, economy and reliability are in the leading position in domestic products of the same power and grade. At present, Xichai has formed a full series of national four products of "Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei", with a power coverage of 78 ~ 500 horsepower. Among them, Aowei 6dm2 national four engine has ranked first in the 11L displacement engine industry for two consecutive years

with the wisdom and courage of pioneers, Xichai has followed the pace of the times, persistently explored cutting-edge technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction, and firmly grasped the commanding height of the development of environmental protection power. Up to now, Xichai has successfully developed natural gas engines on four series of platforms: F, l, m and N, with power ranging from 170 HP to 420 HP. It has established a natural gas engine research platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, and formed a strong ability to independently develop gas engines. It has not only inserted "green wings" into the core power of liberating natural gas heavy trucks, but also become a green engine for public transportation in major cities in China. In Nanjing, which is known as the "ancient capital of Six Dynasties", you can see everywhere buses equipped with natural gas engines of Xichai Guowu are running happily; In the beautiful "ice city", buses equipped with Xichai natural gas engines also galloped on all the golden routes in Harbin; In Pengcheng, the bus with natural gas engine of Xichai and Shenzhen, a famous city of reform and opening up, have merged into a beautiful and harmonious picture; In Wuxi, a scenic city in the south of the Yangtze River, the buses matching the green engine of Xichai in the streets and alleys have become the "green business card" of this civilized city in China...

the data shows that the fuel cost of Xichai series natural gas engines can be saved by more than 30% for 100 kilometers; Compared with diesel engines of the same power, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by 90%, carbon dioxide by 20%, hydrocarbons by 60%, and nitrogen oxides by 60%

green enterprises create a green development model

energy conservation and emission reduction, and control the generation of haze are not only reflected in the production of low-carbon and environmental protection products, but also reflected in the new plant, the recycling of old machines and so on

in 2010, Xichai spent a huge sum of 2billion yuan to build a new production base in Huishan new city, Wuxi, which is the largest investment project in the history of Xichai factory. At the project kick-off meeting, director Qian Hengrong proposed to "build Huishan heavy diesel engine production base into a model of low-carbon and environmental protection!" Goal of. This concept runs through the whole process of project implementation. Whether it is planning and design or equipment selection, whether it is the use of energy-saving materials, or the use of new processes, Xichai people regard low-carbon environmental protection as an important standard for model selection. After two years of efforts, the design idea of combining NGC energy-saving device and natural lighting belt is adopted for the internal lighting of the combined plant in Huishan base. According to the calculation of 544 existing ceiling lights, 52000 kwh of electricity is saved per year compared with the conventional light source, and 6.4 tons of standard coal emissions can be reduced. The living area adopts the solar heating system, with a total of 146 header collectors, covering an area of 1200 square meters. The annual electricity saving is about 190000 kwh, which can reduce the emission of 23.4 tons of standard coal. At the same time, a large number of energy-efficient equipment and devices have been used. For example, the school bus line adopts the electric energy recovery technology of AC power dynamometer, and more than 90% of the test output power completes the electric energy conversion and recycling. The air conditioning system adopts an efficient and energy-saving centralized ground source heat pump system, and the power consumption is 40% lower than that of the conventional centralized air conditioning system, etc. This heavy machinery production base, which covers an area of nearly 50000 square meters, has fully met the three leading requirements of "leading manufacturing level, leading process equipment and leading quality control", and has become a model of low-carbon and green production

"an old engine can become an engine with the same performance as the new engine after a series of processes of 'turning the old into the new', and once again become the new 'heart' of medium and heavy truck vehicles, and the energy saving in this process is as high as 60%." In 2010, responding to the call of the state, Xichai vigorously promoted the circular economy, invested and established an engine remanufacture production base in the new area, took remanufacture as an important means and way of cleaning, environmental protection and energy conservation, and became a pioneer and promoter of China's remanufacture industry. Xichai remanufacturing process is environmentally friendly and efficient. The remanufacturing base is not only equipped with mature remanufacturing special equipment in Europe and America, but also technically introduces high-temperature and water jet cleaning technology from the United States and Canada. The cleaning process meets the requirements of environmental protection, does not discharge any harmful pollutants, and the air emission meets the European standards. The whole production process uses the most advanced computer ERP software management system, implements scientific and modern management of the whole process of remanufacture, and forms a circular economy model of "resources products waste products Remanufactured Products"

"promote the development of circular economy and help energy conservation and emission reduction develop in depth." As a major water user in industrial enterprises, Xichai consumes more than 2million tons of water a year. In order to achieve "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater, Xichai invested more than 10 million yuan to rebuild all sewage pipes from underground to the air. As long as "a drop of sewage leaks", it will be found immediately. At the same time, a water reuse system has been built in the plant and a medium water pipe has been laid to reuse 100% of the treated reclaimed water. Sewage treatment rate and industrial water reuse rate have reached 100%. Reclaimed water is used for production cooling, watering plant greening, flushing and toilet flushing, etc. According to statistics, the frequently used mold design can save 1million tons of water in the factory a year and create economic benefits of more than 4million yuan

"return the city to a blue sky and give people a pure land." Xichai will continue to fulfill its green promise with practical actions, focus on green technology, and sing the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection

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