Aging of the hottest wire will cause led to fire

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Will the aging circuit cause the led to fire

recently, the LED light bar of a gold shop in Zhangdian suddenly caught fire. Fortunately, the clerk used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire in time. The investigation found that this kind of light bar has high power and is easy to cause a fire with a general linearity of plus or minus 1%. Professionals said that the circuit of the light bar should be checked once a year to avoid hidden dangers

different effects will be received. Mr. Wu, a citizen, told that on the morning of December 28, 2016, when he passed the middle section of Liuquan road in the central city, he saw the LED light bar above the door of a basic gold store on fire, and the smoke was not small, and flames jumped out. Later, it was seen at the scene that there were traces of fire on the edge of the LED light bar at the door of the gold store, especially the signboard above the light bar had been blackened

the sanitation worker nearby told a passer-by that when he saw the fire, he told the staff of Jindian, and then the people of Jindian put out the fire with fire extinguishers. Jindian staff said that the fire did not affect their normal business. The cause of the fire is likely to be the short circuit caused by the aging of the LED light bar. At present, the new light bar has been replaced, and the potential safety hazards have been eliminated

today, I saw in the middle of gongqingtuan West Road in Zhangdian that many shops are using LED light bars for advertising. In the north section of Zibo new world commercial street, I saw that although some shops were closed, the LED light bar above the door was still on. The owners of two shops were randomly asked, and they all thought that the power of this light bar was not large, and there was basically no hidden danger

Ren Haiyang, a technician from an advertising company, told us that the power of the LED light bar is very large. Take the light bar with a length of 15 meters and a width of 40 cm as an example. If all the LED lights above are on, the power is about 4000 watts. If only scrolling subtitles are played at ordinary times, the power is also more than 2000 Watts. Therefore, when users use LED light bar for advertising, they should connect the switch separately, and install leakage protector and microcomputer timing switch to be safe. "Now many users connect a plug to save trouble in order to gradually turn graphic materials into viscous fluid, which is very dangerous." Mr. Ren said that the newly installed light bar should check the circuit once a year. If it is used for more than two years, it should be checked every six months to avoid hidden dangers caused by aging of the line

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