Market situation of commonly used shrink films

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Market situation of common shrinkable films


in the field of shrinkable films in the United States, PVC shrinkable films occupy 2/3 of the market share. The shrinkage rate of PVC shrink film is high, between 40% ~ 60%, and its cost is low and its tensile strength is good. It is suitable for multi package combined packaging. The main problem of PVC shrink film is poor environmental protection, and plastic container recyclers are unwilling to recycle PVC shrink film. Moreover, the relative density of PVC and PET materials is relatively close, about 1.33. In terms of the current technical level, it is difficult to distinguish them in the recycling process


among various types of shrinkage films, the shrinkage rate of PETG film is the highest, which can reach 78%. The market share of PETG shrinkable film is 15% ~ 20%. Its relative density is 1.28, but its high price hinders its development


compared with PVC shrink film, OPS shrink film has excellent environmental protection; Compared with PETG shrink film, the price of OPS shrink film is lower and more economical. The current market share of OPS shrinkable film is 5%, and it also maintains a rapid growth momentum. The relative density of OPS is 1.025, and the shrinkage rate is up to 65%. Moreover, in the process of shrinkage, there is basically no shrinkage in the opposite direction of shrinkage


although the shrinkage of OPP film is low, its application in the field of shrinkage surrounding labels can not be ignored, and it occupies 18% ~ 20% of the market share. Opp shrink film is more suitable for approximate cylindrical containers with low shrinkage requirements. The relative density of OPP is 0.90, so it can provide higher output at a very competitive price. Opp shrink film is only applicable to shrink wrap labels

information source: Global flexible packaging industry

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