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The prospect of PVDC single-layer coating film in food packaging is promising

pvdc coating film is mainly used for the inner bag packaging of dry food in food packaging. This kind of packaging not only uses the excellent barrier property of PVDC coating film, but also uses its heat sealing property, and the single-layer coating film is usually used

chocolate biscuit

the test results show that the biscuit coated with chocolate on the surface is a kind of refined food, and its crispness and good chocolate flavor are the main characteristics to ensure this high-quality product. Scientific researchers have conducted comparative experiments. The same chocolate is packaged with heat sealed BOPP and PVDC respectively to evaluate the protection of the two materials on biscuits. The moisture absorption test and sensory evaluation were carried out at 25 ℃ and 50% relative humidity. The results showed that the brittleness of the former was significantly reduced after 4 months, and the chocolate flavor was lost after 6 months, and the moisture absorption rate reached 1.88% after 4 months; The latter is still very fragile after 7 months. After 9 months, the taste of chocolate does not decrease. The moisture absorption reaches 1.56% after 7 months

cream biscuits

chocolate is sandwiched between two biscuits to test the protection of packaging materials. This kind of biscuit needs to have a very good protection against moisture absorption, including the biscuit itself and chocolate, and also needs to have a good oxygen barrier performance to prevent the cream from turning sour. Moisture absorption not only causes the loss of crispness due to the texture of biscuits, but also causes the volume expansion of biscuits. However, the cream in the middle layer will not expand, and the whole cream biscuit will be delaminated, resulting in the separation of biscuits and cream. Only materials with very good barrier can provide these protections. The barrier property of PVDC coating film makes it have the function of protecting this kind of biscuit. Compared with the film without coating, it can keep the appearance and performance of the packed cream biscuit unchanged after 12 months

rancidity of fat 1 has been devoted to the research on the personal safety risk of experimental operators and the migration of grease when the power lithium battery explodes in the process of experiment

bread, cookies and snacks containing nuts are all high-fat and high-fat foods. This "two high" food is easy to be oxidized due to the presence of oxygen, resulting in acid change. On the other hand, if the oil resistance of the packaging materials is not good enough during the storage of fatty food, the grease will migrate from the food to the packaging surface. Therefore, it must be protected with packaging materials with very good barrier performance. PVDC coating film has good oxygen resistance and oil resistance at the same time, so it becomes an ideal packaging material for this kind of food. Of course, in addition to the packaging and the pressure mainly comes from the performance of the flow material of the hydraulic oil, the above problems also lie in the role of light. Affected by light, light will accelerate acid change and grease migration, so it is best to choose white film and opaque printing packaging


chocolate is made of soft milk fat. This product does not emphasize the separation of moisture and oxygen, because there is a protective filler in the composition of chocolate. However, chocolate is very sensitive to smell. First, the loss of inherent aroma, and second, the entry of external smell. Therefore, PVDC coating film is also the most suitable packaging material for chocolate products with a depth of not less than 30cm

source: China Food News

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