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Interpreting the overall situation of Microsoft's AI strategy

Microsoft azure Intelligent Cloud provides customers with more than just data storage centers. Its strong computing power is closely combined with Microsoft's AI services, which can bring more unprecedented new possibilities to enterprises in logistics, manufacturing, catering, retail, finance and other industries. Dynamics 365, an intelligent enterprise application platform running on Microsoft intelligent cloud, fully integrates CRM customer relationship management and ERP enterprise resource planning, and provides modern segmentation function modules, which can inject artificial intelligence, business intelligence, hybrid reality, social communication and mobile applications into the rapid innovation of enterprise business

in factories and warehouses, AI uses computer vision to scan videos to help customers find potential risks and prevent accidents. In the customer service center, the new tool in dynamics 365 AI can automatically answer common questions for customers, so that customer service personnel can focus on solving more complex problems. On the field, thanks to the cooperation of Microsoft azure and other Microsoft tools, the Seattle Seahawks can track players' performance on the field in near real time. In Denmark, Carlsberg, a brewer, is conducting a new experiment, using AI to predict what flavor of new products can be popular after entering the market

the convenience brought by intelligent automated office is also becoming more and more popular. As a representative of modern working mode, Microsoft 365 can integrate ffice 365, windows 10 and enterprise mobile + security suite when making mechanical component models by large industrial manufacturing enterprises such as Hafei and Dong'an, so as to make China face great challenges in building a low-carbon life and a green society. Integrated artificial intelligence can accelerate productivity upgrading. In offices around the world, PowerPoint helps people automatically design messy photos and words into elegant and atmospheric presentations; With the help of the new function of Excel, users can directly convert a picture of a data sheet into an excel file that can be, analyzed and shared, saving hours of manual entry work; Using face recognition technology, Microsoft teams' background virtualization function can help you blur the messy meeting background with one click

PowerPoint design ideas provides you with automatic design suggestions

AI is also the pillar of Microsoft's new product Cortana skills kit for enterprise. Cortana, an intelligent digital assistant, can perform customized tasks for enterprises, making voice and natural language technology more widely used in people's daily business scenarios

Microsoft has also transformed the most cutting-edge technological breakthroughs into products and tools such as azure cognitive services and azure robot services, so that developers can integrate these AI functions into their own products and services, bringing more innovative momentum to developers. Now, through the new function of automatic machine learning in azure machine learning service, AI can help users automatically select, test and adjust machine learning models, so that developers and data scientists can more easily and quickly build Ai wood flour high filling systems and applications

these behind the scenes efforts of artificial intelligence will increasingly help people complete part of their work better and faster, giving people more time to focus on higher value work

join the forces that change society

Microsoft is using leading AI technology to create a barrier free world from the dimensions of education, society, environment, earth and nature, improve social welfare, and promote the sustainable development of man and nature

Microsoft plans to invest $115million in five years to provide funds, technology and expertise to individuals, non-profit organizations and other organizations to jointly address some major social challenges. This grand plan named "

AI for good

" currently includes AI for earth, which uses AI to solve the challenges of the earth's environment, AI for human action, which uses AI to help humanitarian work, AI for accessibility, which improves accessibility for the disabled, and AI for cultural heritage, which uses AI to protect cultural heritage such as language, humanities and arts

Microsoft also actively supports many AI for good projects within the company, including mobile applications such as seeing AI, which can use voice to describe people, objects and words around users, to help blind and visually impaired people feel the world around them; It also includes large-scale agricultural projects such as farmbeats, which can help farmers increase crop yields with less resources and less environmental impact

seeing AI helps visually impaired people perceive the world around them

Microsoft AI also has a social impact in education, health care, entertainment and more. In school classrooms, Microsoft translate's powerful speech recognition tools can help students with hearing impairment learn; AI also has great potential in the medical field, which can help doctors make more accurate patient diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment; In leisure time, the faststart function of Xbox can use machine learning to automatically detect the parts of the game that need to be downloaded first, so that impatient players can quickly start a happy game time

artificial intelligence and society

Microsoft sees the great power of artificial intelligence and recognizes the danger of artificial intelligence systems being abused. We must realistically consider these challenges brought about by AI. As AI systems become more and more complex and play an increasingly important role in people's lives, we believe that enterprises and organizations must formulate and adopt clear principles to guide the construction and application of AI systems

Microsoft is always committed to ensuring that our AI tools and technologies win widespread social trust. The book "future computing: artificial intelligence and its social role", jointly written by Shen Xiangyang, the global executive vice president of Microsoft and the head of Microsoft's artificial intelligence and Microsoft Research Division, and Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft Corporation, proposes that we should ensure that the artificial intelligence system follows six principles: fairness, reliability and security, privacy and protection, inclusiveness, transparency and. In order to achieve this goal, people who design and deploy artificial intelligence systems should pay attention to diversity in the system, and include all kinds of skin color, views, interests, professional knowledge and other information into the data. Microsoft has also established an artificial intelligence ethics committee to ensure that products comply with these six principles

Microsoft is the industry leader in the development of artificial intelligence systems and the co initiator of the partnership on AI. Microsoft has established industry partnerships with companies such as Amazon and Facebook, and is committed to making it easier for everyone to use artificial intelligence. We shoulder the responsibility of building a reliable artificial intelligence system. We should work together to reach a consensus on the principles and values of the development and use of artificial intelligence

Education in the era of artificial intelligence

will the emergence of artificial intelligence replace people's work? Like the changes brought about by other technological inventions, such as cars, we believe that in the era of artificial intelligence, workers will need new thinking skills and training methods to prepare for the future. For society, we also need enough talents to complete the key work

Microsoft is helping people in different roles and stages acquire the new skills they need. For teenagers and students, Microsoft has launched a series of courses, certification and training for colleges and universities, and also designed educational products such as AI visual programming platform. The changes brought by AI to the business world also put forward new requirements for the skills of business leaders. Microsoft AI business school will promote their career further

in addition, with the emergence of the new employment model, we must also continue to cooperate with the government, academia and social service departments to explore how to better protect the welfare of workers

we see that the development of artificial intelligence has brought many challenges. The use of artificial intelligence technology must be carried out in a negative way to promote trust and protect privacy. We also realize that we have worked with many partners, To ensure that "AI is good" "

we are also very optimistic about the future of artificial intelligence, and firmly believe that the progress of artificial intelligence will solve more challenges for mankind. Microsoft's artificial intelligence strategy is highly consistent with Microsoft's mission - to empower everyone and every organization in the world to achieve extraordinary achievements.

Micro Software AI exhibition area

how great opportunities can Microsoft's artificial intelligence technology create for enterprise organizations, developers and all sectors of society? Here is a pro Opportunities for personal experience! Microsoft AI exhibition area of 2019 world AI conference

on August 29, 2019 world AI conference will be held in Shanghai. The Microsoft AI exhibition area located in hall 2 of the World Expo exhibition hall will focus on the three dimensions of "Ai enabling organizational transformation", "Ai enabling developer innovation" and "Ai enabling changing society", showing the powerful ability of Microsoft intelligent cloud, Microsoft artificial intelligence and hybrid reality technology to empower industries and individuals in China and even the world

ai enables organizational transformation

Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and artificial intelligence technology are customizing the best solution for organizational digital transformation in all walks of life. This area will show AI enabled industries and employees, and enhance the intelligent value of employees in different industries and industries from the aspects of organizational transformation, manufacturing, logistics, catering, retail, modern working mode and aiot

the artificial intelligence logistics scheduling solution jointly created by Microsoft Research Asia and OOCL will be displayed on site; Combined with dynamics 365 and hololens, a hybrid reality intelligent production line remote training solution that provides simulated learning and interactive guidance for employees in hybrid reality, and a smart catering retail store operation solution that combines dynamics 365 with power Bi, IOT and other technologies to realize real-time management of Omni channel orders, inventory, supply chain and store equipment, etc

ai empowering developer innovation

this area mainly empowers developers to create a larger and broader AI environment for developers from the aspects of vision, language, creation, understanding, mixed reality, etc., and sow the genes of imagination for more novel AI applications

holens, azure Kinect DK development kit and other hybrid reality devices will meet you in an experiential and interactive way, allowing you to personally experience the scene of hybrid reality in industry applications. At the same time, a series of innovative achievements developed by the first batch of enterprises settled in Microsoft artificial intelligence and IOT laboratory will be displayed on the scene

As the first generation of people who grow together with AI, we should guide AI to develop in a direction beneficial to mankind, society, the earth and the future. From the intelligent trash can that uses image recognition and intelligent algorithm to automatically classify garbage, to the Chinese version of artificial intelligence assisted vision glasses, this area will show the latest progress and achievements of Microsoft's groundbreaking projects that use AI technology to help the disabled, earth protection and social welfare

at the same time, this area will also focus on Microsoft's efforts in AI education, including Microsoft Xiaoying, an intelligent English learning application developed by Microsoft Research Asia, and the "new generation of artificial intelligence open" jointly built with four universities

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