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Interpret the current situation of China's second-hand instrument market

in the instrument industry, the second-hand instrument market rose early in China, but it has been in a tepid state. What are the factors? Today, Mr. Gao Jinhua of Stanley instruments is specially invited to interpret the development status of China's second-hand instrument industry

Stanley Gao Jinhua

background of the rise of the second-hand instrument market

Stanley Gao Jinhua told that the United States is the country with the most concentration of second-hand equipment. The so-called second-hand equipment means that the original purchase requires the purchase of second-hand instruments. The reason why there is a market for second-hand instruments is mainly in two aspects: the first is that the supply channel is good. The equipment and instruments of many foreign manufacturers have a deadline, and the enterprises also have problems such as equipment updating, so they have been found opportunities by some people with connections and see business opportunities. The second is that Chinese people have begun to pay attention to practicality, and now they value the cost performance, It is not only to break through the rapid curing resin and rapid bonding agent technology, composite material design technology, carbon fiber preform technology, composite material rapid prototyping and automation equipment technology. It is a single brand. Second hand instruments have no market for big pharmaceutical companies because they don't need money. However, it is still attractive for start-ups

bottleneck in the second-hand instrument market

Stanley Gao Jinhua said that the first factor in the second-hand instrument market is that new instruments are too expensive, and the demand of the production and R & D departments is always there and constantly expanding. 3. The control cabinet and components of the equipment should save enough space for detection and maintenance. Moreover, the product update cycle of the instrument itself is very slow. From the perspective of reducing costs and ensuring production, Buying second-hand instruments is a good choice. Stanley Gao Jinhua said that the second-hand market is not standardized, the supply channels are not unified, and the after-sales service cannot be guaranteed, which has brought a bottleneck to the development of the second-hand instrument market to a large extent. As we all know, the price of each instrument is expensive. Now when buying instruments, customers not only value the quality of instruments, but also the after-sales quality and technical support. Buying an instrument requires a lot of follow-up services. The instrument and subsequent instruments are an organic whole

Stanley Gao Jinhua told that in recent years, China has purchased a lot of second-hand equipment. Some are very successful and can be used normally in a short time. Some are not very successful, and the equipment cannot be put into operation for a long time, or it is put into operation but has low efficiency, high failure rate and long downtime for maintenance. Some are even still in the packing box. This raises a question to us. How should we operate and make decisions when buying second-hand equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of less investment, quick effect and promoting production development? Stanley Gao Jinhua Dao

domestic and imported instruments in the second-hand instrument market are not equal

Stanley Gao Jinhua believes that although China's measurement instrument industry has developed to a certain extent, it is far from meeting the growing urgent needs of national economic scientific research, national defense construction, social life and other aspects. Most of China's measurement instrument products belong to medium and low-level technology, and are reliable Stability and other key indicators have not yet met the requirements. High-end and large-scale instruments and equipment almost all rely on imports, medium-grade products and many key parts. Foreign companies also occupy more than 60% of the domestic market. This is the current situation of domestic instruments. As for second-hand instruments, most users will choose imported instruments, and the relevant data of excellent and second-hand instruments can also well show this

Stanley gaojinhua reminded everyone that the early preparation for the purchase of second-hand instruments should be given high attention as the purchase of new equipment. We should not relax our requirements because of its low price and complete functions. Unlike ordering new equipment, its specifications and functions should be checked according to the needs of typical processes. It is also necessary to understand and master the date of delivery, service status and type of control system of the equipment. According to the introduction of Stanley high composite tensile machine into China, when purchasing second-hand instruments, we will mainly consider the following issues: second-hand reasons, quality, price and after-sales. For the purchase of second-hand instruments, it is important to understand the reasons for second-hand equipment. It is also a very important reference index. The general reasons for second-hand instruments are as follows: (1) due to the early production age, the production efficiency can not meet the needs of production. This kind of equipment has been in service for a long time, and its function and functional quality are normal. (2) Idle due to the closure or diversion of the factory. This kind of equipment has also been in service for a long time, and its function and functional quality have been tested. Quality is the premise. No matter how cheap the instrument is, it can't be used well. Quality is the last word. For the judgment of instrument quality, a set of performance confirmation is a good method to confirm that there is no problem in all aspects of instrument accuracy. Price is the key factor. The price should not be too high. It is better to have a comparative advantage below 50% discount

Stanley gaojinhua said that after sales should be the most concerned problem of customers. The warranty contract should be more than half a year. You can pay for the extended warranty contract (1 year) and maintain the instrument. If the purchase extended warranty contract is not provided, the second-hand instrument manufacturer has professional engineers who can provide on-site maintenance. We must pay attention to the warranty conditions and the amount of unused or used equipment that our maintainers resell, that is, both new and refurbished. If there is a lack of maintenance documents and the warranty conditions are poor, then buy this second-hand instrument product. For the selection of non cutting rectangular samples: test instruments, whether new or renovated products have been inspected or have a greater risk, which must be carefully considered

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