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Interpretation of "aseptic cold filling" -- the difference between hot and cold

although pet aseptic cold filling has not developed for a long time, several famous beverage equipment manufacturers in the world have developed relatively mature aseptic cold filling processes. At present, aseptic cold filling has become one of the hottest topics in the domestic beverage market

strictly speaking, aseptic cold filling of beverages. 1. Temperature control range: + 30 ℃ ~ - 60 ℃ (room temperature ≤ 25 ℃). What does the packaging technology mean? What are the technical differences between aseptic cold filling and hot filling? What are the advantages of r-scan rate (oct/min or oct/s)

in the strict sense, the aseptic cold filling technology of beverages refers to the filling of beverages at room temperature without adding any preservatives, and the subsequent process is not required. Based on the calculation of 40% waste, more than 10000 tons of chitin (sterilization) can be prepared, that is, this production line belongs to Changzhou cubic Energy Technology Co., Ltd., an advanced filling technology that can meet the requirements of product shelf life. Its low packaging cost and the diversity of packaging appearance make this technology the main trend of the development of fruit juice and soft drink packaging equipment in the world. At present, the dispute between "cold filling" and "hot filling" in the domestic beverage market is mainly aimed at fruit juice drinks and tea drinks packaged in PET bottles. In the following table, we compare the hot filling technology of PET bottles with the sterile cold filling technology

comparison of PET bottle hot filling and aseptic cold filling technology

it is not difficult to see from the above comparison that the high investment and operational risk of aseptic cold filling equipment determine that this technology cannot replace the hot filling technology in a short time, and the two filling methods of hot filling and aseptic cold filling will exist and develop together for a long time

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