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Unscramble the general trend of the development of label printing industry under the new application

labels are everywhere in our daily life. They are special prints that mark the name of goods, signs, materials, manufacturers, production dates and important attributes

in recent years, with the continuous development of the printing industry at home and abroad, the label printing technology industry is also a new day. The experimental data also has manual retrieval and functional changes, gradually forming an independent printing method, which occupies an important position in the whole packaging and printing industry

interpret the development trend of the label printing industry behind the data

relevant data show that the global label consumption has exceeded 42billion square meters, and the total global sales is $73 billion. Among them, China accounted for 22%, maintaining rapid growth; Western Europe accounts for 27%, slightly lower than the 28% of the United States, while eastern Europe only accounts for 8%; Japan accounts for 7% and South America for 6%; India and other regions account for 4%. Compared with the growth rate of the label market in developing countries and developed countries, the growth rate in developed countries decreases by% percentage points on average every year

in terms of per capita label consumption, North America has the highest per capita consumption, followed by Europe, but there is a big gap. In South America, China, Southeast Asia, India and Africa, the per capita consumption level is very low, but there is a lot of room for development

interpret the development trend of label printing market behind technology

from the development trend of flexo printing technology in the global label market, flexo printing is the most rapidly developing technology in the past 15 years. Flexographic CTP application greatly improves the resolution and reduces the thickness of the plate

however, with the rapid development of related industries, new products of various tags are emerging in endlessly, such as the new generation of DNA tags, new anti-counterfeiting tag systems, soluble tags, RFID wireless RF smart tags, and so on. In addition, with the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application fields, the combination of digital printing technology and label printing has brought an unprecedented new development situation to the label printing industry

interpret the development trend of label printing industry under new applications

in the long run, the construction and improvement of cloud computing, IOT and other applications will undoubtedly play a great role in the popularization and application of digital ink-jet technology and ink-jet printing, broadcasting and grinding tensile testing machine, which are important for wire and cable, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, rubber and plastic, textile, household appliances and other industries. Due to its powerful remote data regulation and integration capabilities, cloud computing can make it easy to print personalized digital labels that require huge capital investment and support and are pursued by printing enterprises. For IOT, digital tags have become a cornerstone of its application

other impacts on the label printing industry are the application of e-commerce. With the popularity of online shopping, the following problems are the standardization of product personality hardness within the qualified range, and the problem of product anti-counterfeiting and sales anti-counterfeiting. This also gives the label a new mission. Many product manufacturers, label printers and inkjet technology suppliers, as well as relevant manufacturers in the industry chain, began to hope to work together to build an IOT platform for product supervision and logistics control, and the premise of all this is to need inkjet printing related query and anti-counterfeiting information on product labels and packaging

In other words, tags, especially personalized tags, will become the cornerstone of the construction and improvement of cloud computing and IOT

it can be seen that the development prospect of label printing market is very bright. Today, when digitalization is particularly popular, it is believed that a good combination of the two will create greater market value. And we all know that as a country with a large population, in recent years, with the rapid economic development, the extreme rise in the global label market demand, coupled with the huge per capita label consumption potential in China, the development space of the domestic label industry is unlimited

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