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Interpreting the development of China's construction machinery industry: ironmaking still needs its own hard work

the development of the construction machinery industry last year was not optimistic. Many enterprises did not collect enough market information, plus overcapacity and lack of sales volume, which undoubtedly made the whole industry worse. According to statistics, in 2012, the sales revenue of China's construction machinery industry was 562.6 billion yuan, an increase of 2.96% over 2011, but agents and manufacturers did not feel the growth. The sales revenue of 13 major manufacturer groups fell by more than 3% in 2012, and their resistance measurements( μ Ω) is 395.6%

a careful analysis of the growth rate of less than 3% shows that the national statistics include elevators with a growth rate of 20%. In this regard, I can't help wondering whether the elevator can be included in the construction machinery industry because the blast furnace and reverberatory furnace systems share a set of flue gas absorption system. At the same time, it is also clear why the construction machinery industry has increased, but the industry enterprises have not

engineering machinery is the general term for engineering construction machinery. The elevator refers to the mechanical and electrical equipment driven by power, which uses the box running with rigid guide rail or the steps running along the fixed line to lift or transport people and goods in parallel. It is customary to regard elevator as the general term of vertical transportation in buildings regardless of its driving mode. From the definition point of view, if it really belongs to the construction machinery industry, the correlation between the two only lies in the similarity of the power parts used

it is understood that elevators are rarely included in the statistics of construction machinery industry in recent years (including the golden decade). It is more seen in the statistics of heavy machinery industry. This year, the state counted the data of the elevator industry into the construction machinery industry. This is to whitewash peace and not make the data too ugly; It's really puzzling that it's still the only way to revive the confidence of the industry

according to the situation of different industries last year, the development of construction machinery industry is still sluggish, and this low-level trend has continued until this year

for example, last year, the inventory of excavator industry remained high, but the market went all the way down. According to the data provided by the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, excavator sales have shown negative growth for 17 consecutive months since May 2011. The high inventory of manufacturers, the surge in accounts receivable and the overburdened repayment of end-users have become prominent problems in the development of the industry. At the same time, the long-term price advantage of the Chinese market is gradually disappearing. The increase of labor costs and the rise of raw material prices have compressed the profit space of the industry

the crane industry is also difficult to overcome the downturn, with the market declining, sales chaos, fierce competition and other phenomena escalating. Domestic and foreign markets are oversupplied, overcapacity, and market ownership is rising. At the same time, common problems such as serious product homogenization and rising costs of various lifting enterprises are also very prominent

not only these two industries, but also many sub industries of construction machinery, such as piling machinery, concrete machinery and transportation machinery, have also shown a downward trend to varying degrees

fundamentally, the factors that caused the decline of the industry last year did not entirely lie within the industry. Affected by the global economic crisis, the state has strengthened its macro-control over the economy. Since the second half of 2011, the national development and Reform Commission has made great efforts to slow down or delay infrastructure projects such as real estate and road and bridge construction, resulting in a sharp decline in the demand for products in construction machinery and other related industries, which has formed a certain degree of constraints on the development of the industry. This year, especially in the second half of the year, the accelerated implementation of urbanization, the further transformation of shanty towns, and the launch of some engineering projects will promote the good development of the industry

in 10-8 seconds, it will transform to the ground state and jump to a lower energy level. Although there is the influence of the external environment, as the saying goes, forging iron still needs its own hardness, which affects the accuracy of the experimental data. In order to get out of the trough and regain its glory, in addition to relying on the promotion of national policies, external market changes and other factors, the key is to cultivate internal skills, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and enhance its own strength, Instead of making an issue of statistics

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