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Interpretation of producer extension system what should LED lighting enterprises pay attention to

recently, the State Council issued the implementation plan of the extended producer system (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). The plan points out that it will take the lead in implementing the producer extension system for four categories of products, including electrical appliances and electronics, automobiles, lead-acid batteries and packaging. LED lighting industry belongs to the scope of electrical appliances and electronics, which is obviously applicable to the implementation plan of producer extension system. So what content in the "plan" is worth 5. Brother is also fully developing the corresponding financial services to get the attention of the LED lighting industry

green ecological design

the plan points out that ecological design should be carried out. Production enterprises should comprehensively consider the resource and environmental impact of raw and auxiliary materials selection, production, packaging, sales, use, recycling, treatment and other links, and carry out in-depth product ecological design. Specifically, it includes lightweight, unitary, modular, non harmful (low) and easy maintenance design, as well as design of extending service life, green packaging, energy saving and consumption reduction, recycling, etc

this means that led lighting enterprises should take into account from production to the final recycling stage at the beginning of the design stage, so that the newly developed products have long service life, easy intelligent control, easy fault confirmation, good interchangeability of functional modules, easy maintenance, and scrapped products are easy to reuse and green treatment. At present, the research on the green design of LED lamps and lanterns is still in the preliminary stage and needs to be continuously promoted and improved. With the deepening of application and the progress of science and technology, the green design idea will dominate the development direction of LED lamps and lanterns

use green recycled materials

the plan points out that enterprises should use recycled raw materials. In order to ensure the quantity, performance and safety of the product quality testing machine industry, which has been developed in China for several decades, we should put forward the ecological labels marked on 50 products, encourage production enterprises to increase the proportion of recycled raw materials, implement green supply chain management, strengthen the guidance of upstream raw material enterprises, and develop and promote the detection and utilization technology of recycled raw materials

this requires LED lighting enterprises to give priority to green raw materials, such as choosing renewable, low energy consumption, less pollution and environmentally compatible materials and parts, which are easy to reuse, recycle and degrade; Give priority to advanced production and processing methods, methods and technologies, such as net forming processing, dry processing, etc.

attach importance to recycling

the plan points out that recycling should be standardized. Production enterprises can standardize the recycling of waste products and packaging through independent recycling, joint recycling or entrusted recycling, and dispose of them directly or by professional enterprises. The recycling of products can also be achieved by the production enterprises paying relevant funds and subsidies to professional enterprises in accordance with the law

after the product is scrapped, a large part of the parts can still be reused. LED lighting enterprises can recycle the reusable parts and materials of LED lamps according to the standardized design of LED lamps, classify the scrapped products and parts after full disassembly, and conduct harmless treatment for toxic and harmful substances, and comply with the regulations of relevant regions or countries

product information disclosure

the plan points out that information disclosure should be strengthened. Strengthen the information disclosure of production enterprises, and take the product quality, safety, durability, energy efficiency, toxic and harmful substance content and other contents as compulsory public information to the public; Parts and components will be involved 10 Experimental report: the experimental report can be programmed and printed according to the pattern of user needs. The structure, disassembly, waste recycling, raw material composition and other contents can be used as directional public information, which is open to waste recycling and resource utilization subjects

this requires that the products produced by LED lighting enterprises should provide information signs to the society, including safety signs during installation, energy efficiency signs of products, etc. the corresponding performance parameters of lamps should be described in the relevant instruction documents, including the type of light source used and energy efficiency grade parameters

in general, the plan provides the development basis and space for the renewable resources industry from the perspective of top-level design, and also points out that the general direction of the development of LED lighting enterprises is energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the data, the market penetration rate of LED lighting products in 2016 (based on domestic market sales) was 42%, and the annual power saving was about 140 billion kwh. LED is not only more durable and brighter than traditional light sources, but also more environmentally friendly than traditional light sources. Undoubtedly, the market penetration in the future will be greater and greater. What led lighting enterprises need to do in the future is to continue to strengthen the technical research in energy conservation and environmental protection

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