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Interpreting the development trend of human-computer interface interaction technology

the development trend of human-computer interface, multi touch, motion sensing, virtual reality, etc. are all popular fried chicken at present. However, the vision of research and development personnel should see further, in addition to focusing on current technology. The new development of the above three trends is touch feedback, whole-body motion sensing, and augmented reality

tactile feedback is a very important mechanism for how to give users the closest to the real use experience in the touch state

although there are many kinds of man-machine interfaces, most researchers and even end consumers will agree with the most important technological development in recent years, that is, multi touch, motion sensing technology, and virtual reality. In particular, the development of the first two has almost reached the level of everyone's knowledge with the hot sales of iPhone and Wii, The latter is also quite popular

however, designers must look further than the current situation. The new trends of the development of the above three technologies can be seen now, and have even been implemented in products. Strictly speaking, they are not trends but practices. Of course, they are the development of human-machine interface designers that cannot be ignored. The important development trend of multi touch is to strengthen the tactile touch feedback ability, while motion sensing technology emphasizes the ability to directly detect whole body movements, and virtual reality is improved to augmented reality. Its development is described below

tactile touch feedback

after implementation, many studies have found that the human-machine interface of touch control is usually designed on the screen, and whether the response of the device is triggered or not, the tactile feeling part is exactly the same. In addition to the difficulty of judging whether the command has been completed, it is more likely to cause muscle damage, because in the general interface, the instant feeling of fingertip pressing, The measured range: 2% - 100% of the maximum experimental force (0.4% ⑴ 00%fs can be selected) is enough for the brain to judge and reduce the acceleration of the finger to zero, but multi-point touch cannot do so, so it is difficult for the finger to exert the intensity of pressure, and over time, it may become a new civilization disease

in addition, most of the current multi touch bearing devices are LCD screens, but such screens may not be able to see clearly in strong light, or they may be used in places that are inconvenient to stare at the screen all the time, which will make the touch screen more embarrassing than traditional interfaces, such as keyboards. The solution to the above situation is naturally a reasonable touch feedback technology. The development of touch feedback technology, from simple to difficult, has gone through three feedback stages of vision, hearing and touch

after the touch technology is implemented, the visual feedback stage is adopted to display different states on the screen to let the user understand that its input has been accepted, but such a feedback mechanism can hardly solve the above problem, so it is soon replaced by the auditory feedback system, that is, when the touch signal is accepted, the device will make a sound to let the user understand, and even the auditory feedback can simulate the familiar machine or keyboard sound of the user, Let the user control more intimacy and familiarity. However, at first glance, sound feedback solves the above-mentioned problems, but it creates new problems, because sound may interfere with irrelevant others, or let users disclose their privacy, or fail to hear clearly or mistakenly in a noisy environment. Therefore, the latest development makes touch feedback pay special attention to the tactile feedback mechanism

tactile feedback can also be subdivided into vibration feedback and force feedback, but they are usually discussed together. According to the research of Industrial Research Institute IEK, there are the following kinds of advantages of this kind of feedback mechanism using tactile feedback: 1. Quantifiable signal detection: provide a quantitative degree of tactile feedback through the cooperation of software and hardware detection. 2. Simulate the operating feel of mechanical keys: mechanical keys allow users to confirm whether the operation is correct by the touch of fingertips, but ordinary touch panels cannot provide the same touch. 3. More types of user feedback mechanisms: in addition to image feedback and sound feedback, tactile feedback can also complement the user experience. 4. Reduce visual load: the touch panel with tactile feedback can reduce the user's visual load, especially when the user's field of vision is limited

whole body motion detection

Nintendo's Wii amusement device, launched a few years ago, integrates posture detection into the game console, completely changing the long-standing control mode of the game console. However, its practice of adding motion sensors to the game controller handle will be strongly challenged by Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 360 killer weapon "project natal"

project natal refers to a new human-machine interface for attitude detection. Although Wii can detect the user's posture, and make corresponding changes in the game, and even launched the Wii pedal pad and Wii motion plus device to detect more accurate foot posture and acceleration, no matter how the changes, external devices are required to assist, and even in order to improve more advanced detection functions, more external devices are required

however, Project Natal can interact with the device as long as the user stands in front of the XBOX360 with this technology, and the user does not need any external devices at all. The detection device is called "zcam". It is a camera, which has changed from a manufacturer to a service provider. But the most unique technology and feature is that there is a circle of LED light source next to the lens, which will emit light waves (infrared rays) to record the time when the light source touches the object and reflects back, and calculate the relative position volume in three spaces in real time

The principle of

zcam is actually the same as that of radar or sonar, but using the lens to emit light waves rather than sound waves, and using the progress of semiconductor technology, it can more accurately calculate and locate the relative position changes of 3D three-dimensional space, and can timely calculate the continuous pictures that reach 60 pages per second. It is said that the calculation of zcam itself does not need the assistance of the host, so it can let the game host concentrate on calculating the effect in the picture, The camera is entirely responsible for attitude sensing and operation. Of course, in addition to attitude sensors, Project Natal also has array microphones and other devices to sense sound

of course, the design of Project Natal can foresee some obvious shortcomings, such as the placement of zcam is easy to be limited, and if there are devices around or on the user that can absorb infrared rays, the detection of zcam will be inaccurate, etc. but on the whole, the sensing Design of zcam has attracted considerable attention and expectation since it was displayed at CES and E3 in 2009, It also led rivals Nintendo and Sony to say that similar technologies will be launched, indicating that their competitors also believe that Project Natal is a major threat

augmented reality

the concept of virtual reality is to integrate and improve the existing multimedia sound, image, drawing, text and other technologies, and present them to users together. The core concept is to let users experience their environment, such as simulating a virtual museum, but let users have a similar experience with tourists who visit it

in the past, the development of virtual reality was limited by the processing capacity of computers, so it could not be very realistic. Although the development of computer science and technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, it is still not enough to simulate the real environment, such as the real simulation of smell

therefore, many researchers and developers believe that the development of virtual reality technology cannot simply use virtual technology. If it can be combined with reality, it can play a greater effect. According to this theory, an assignment is developed, that is, augmented reality. Therefore, augmented reality can shorten the service life of equipment. Strictly speaking, it is not an improvement of virtual reality, but a new application method

augmented reality can add virtual images on the basis of reality. For example, when users wear glasses, they can annotate the landscape in which the moving distance of the workbench is not less than 1500mm, such as the purpose of a building (lens and screen can also be achieved), or GPS signals can be directly combined with the images seen by the window to achieve more intuitive and clear navigation

in the past, virtual reality needed to carry very large and bulky equipment, but now it can be shrunk to the size of digital glasses or internal devices, so the future development of augmented reality is even more promising than virtual reality

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