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"Machine replacement" saves time and effort. Farmers in Nanhu have a new "sharp weapon" for farming.

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now is the busy season for late rice planting and fruit picking. During the busy farming season, in some agricultural enterprises and family farms in Nanhu District, farmers are a lot more relaxed because of the new "sharp tools"

in Jiaxing lvkang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Jinxing village, Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, the scene of seedling fields here is spectacular. A silver white "long dragon" with a length of 60 meters was seen crossing the whole field along the field stem, and the plates of seedlings that had just sprouted were directly transported to the field. This "long dragon" is the new seedling tray conveyor introduced by lvkang agriculture this year

this seemingly simple machine is a new "sharp tool" that saves labor and effort for lvkang agriculture, which covers an area of 4000 mu of machine transplanted late rice. Yingchao, an agricultural technician of Lukang, told that in the past, it was all manual to transport the finished rice plates to the fields, one plate at a time, and more than a dozen people could only move twoorthree plates a day. Now, through the rice plate conveyor, eight or nine people can complete fiveorsix thousand plates a day

"especially when the cultivated seedlings are brought up from the paddy field, the conveyor plays a more obvious role." Ying Chao said that because the field is muddy, it is more difficult to move the seedling tray from the field when transplanting seedlings than to move to the field. With this tray conveyor introduced from Japan, lvkang agriculture needs to raise more than 5000 seedlings this year, which can save half of the time and labor

in Fengliang farm in Yangzhuang village, Xinfeng Town, the farmer shizhiliang's peach picking and sales are nearing the end. "Nectarines and early spring honey peaches planted this year have basically sold to local and surrounding supermarkets, and are very popular." Shi Zhiliang 2. The testing instruments of corrugated cardboard according to various indicators are: bursting tester, paperboard compression tester, puncturer, moisture tester, inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, etc. it is believed that peaches sell well this year, and the price is one third higher than last year, and the newly bought fruit picker has helped a lot

at the beginning of this year, Shi Zhiliang spent about 10000 yuan to buy this fruit picker. After being powered on, set the CFRP to account for more than 80% of the size of good fruit, adjust the speed, and then press the button. With the transmission belt, small peaches will automatically sink into the transmission belt. Users are still willing to bear the traditional PC control system to realize automatic grading. "The fruit picker reduces the labor cost, and the grading is uniform, and the effect is better." During the peak period of peach picking in Shi Zhiliang's orchard, the daily picking volume is about 5000 kg. It takes more than a dozen workers to select and grade fruits. This year, with the use of fruit pickers, the labor volume will be reduced by half. He calculated an account that a worker's daily work cost 100 yuan, five workers' daily work cost 500 yuan, and 20 days' time cost 10000 yuan. Basically, the labor cost saved in a year can buy a fruit picker in only four years

with the aging of farmers, the problem of seasonal employment in rural areas has become increasingly prominent. The labor-saving "machine replacement" has now been widely used in Nanhu agricultural production. The integration of machine transplanting, UAV disease prevention and insect control, and harvester grain straw crushing has been completed... From farmland to finished grain packaging, the whole process of mechanization has gone from dream to reality in a number of agricultural enterprises such as Lukang agriculture, which not only improves the efficiency of agricultural production, but also accelerates the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture

(original title "late rice seedling raising, peach grading with new" sharp tools "Nanhu farmers" machine replacement ", Wang Yuhong)

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