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What is the configuration of machenike mechanic F117 SI2 gtx1050ti? Use comments

mechanic's new notebook recommendation: machenike mechanic F117 SI2 gtx1050ti independent laptop laptop laptop new products are sold at 0 yuan with 1TB mechanical hard disk. How about the specific performance? Let's see the configuration features

machenike mechanic F117 SI2 configuration features:

10 Li Qiangxin gtx1050ti 4G unique display I makes 5 elder brother recognized by all parties 00hq and the load can no longer rise processor

times sonic era pci-e256g solid-state hard disk, Mayorga organics coffee and other food and beverage company disks, which is 6 times higher than that of general solid-state

300 yuan red packet new products for sale, 399 yuan 1TB mechanical hard disk, Print and send 199 yuan E-sports mouse

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machenike machinist F117 SI2 configuration parameters:

3C specification and model: f117-f************* ("*" represents, A-Z, A-Z, "-" or a space, which is used to represent different sales...

Product Name: machenike machinist F117 SI2

brand: machenike

model: SI2

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: CPU.Intel core ihq

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx1050 Ti (notebook)

video memory capacity: 4G

mechanical hard disk capacity: 256gb PCIe SSD solid state hard disk in early August of this year

memory capacity: 8GB

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