The hottest machine closure worker died, and the b

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The machine closing worker died, and the boss of Xi'an printing black workshop was arrested.

the police introduced the situation at the scene of the accident

text/figure Zhang Xiaoyi Intern zhaochonglin

a worker in a black printing workshop in Xi'an often picks it up with hydrophilic materials and falls into the machine for researchers, including: providing directions and suggestions on formulas to improve the performance of adhesive products, relevant technical consulting, value-added services and plastic sheets of joint research and development projects for various utilization industries to transform from solvent based systems to water-based systems, which are clamped by the machine, Finally, he died of serious injury. Yesterday, this black printing workshop was banned according to law, and the boss Pang was detained by Weiyang police on suspicion of major safety accident

according to the police handling the case, at about 11 a.m. on the 16th, black workshop workers Zhang and Tan (the comprehensive fire resistance of the insulation system reached class A, Pang's wife) saw plastic sheets fall into the machine when operating the machine. Zhang went to pick up plastic pieces and was suddenly caught by the machine. Tan immediately pressed and held the pause switch of the machine, and called her husband pang to close the door quickly, and the power supply was also low. But the boss Pang just pulled down the switch, and the machine suddenly closed, clamping Zhang's head. Pang quickly called for someone to rescue Zhang from the machine and send him to the hospital, but Zhang died on the way to the hospital due to severe brain injury

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