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"Machine foot" on the stage Liu Zi AGV car is more intelligent "Hui"

"machine foot" on the stage Liu Zi AGV car is more intelligent "Hui"

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if you visit some large industrial enterprise workshops in Liuzhou, you may find a car that is driverless but does not run around. It can also accurately take the required parts and raw materials from the warehouse and send it to the corresponding station. This magical car is called automatic guided logistics vehicle (AGV), which is also known as the "machine foot" of enterprises, and is the product of the development of modern intelligent industry. Today, Liuzhou not only has its own liuchan "machine feet", but also has undertaken the work of optimizing the local logistics of workshops for some enterprises

can move the "brain" and "eyes" spirit

in mid January this year, a large industrial enterprise in Liuzhou saw AGV cars shuttling between production lines. This is a group of laser guided AGV cars. Their main work is to take out raw materials from the raw material warehouse, and then transport them to the corresponding processing station. Miraculously, these AGV cars are like little friends with "thoughts". They are driverless, but they can move forward and backward, and they can turn left and right or rotate 90 ° in place. When the raw materials on the station are consumed to a certain extent, it doesn't need to be urged by others. It starts to go to the raw material warehouse immediately, and it will make up the raw materials according to the consumption. This group of AGV cars will not collide with each other. When the device swings, they will automatically avoid obstacles on the route

although AGV cars have been widely used in production logistics and warehousing logistics, considering the weak downstream market, at present, only a few large enterprises in Liuzhou, such as automobile manufacturing, light industry and machinery manufacturing, can see the shadow of AGV cars, and the popularity is not wide. AGV trolley cooperates with welding, stacking and other robots in enterprises, which improves the automation level of industrial production. Therefore, it is also known as the "machine foot" of enterprises. However, before 2014, there was no AGV car produced by local enterprises in Liuzhou. Some enterprises using AGV cars can only buy products from other provinces or imports

In May 2014, Liugong forklift truck company began to conduct market research and technical research and development of AGV products. In the same year, Liuzhou's first AGV car developed and manufactured by local enterprises was born. "That is a latent AGV automatic navigation vehicle." Wangyunhua, the head of Liugong forklift research and development, said that this AGV car has led to the continuous emergence of new materials, which puts forward higher requirements for the design of fixtures. The body is like a flat plate. Although it is small, the traction weight can reach 500kg (or customized), and it can drag automotive air conditioners, whole boxes of textile raw materials, etc. Moreover, the AGV body is very low, so it can not only walk on the flat ground, but also walk through the gap between the feeder and the ground

"the control system is more important in AGV technology." Wang Yunhua introduced that AGV can recognize the way, and magnetic stripe and photoelectric are its "eyes". But generally, there are many AGV vehicles in the whole workshop, and the production sites of each enterprise vary greatly according to different products. How to prevent AGV from crashing, and how to tell it to do different jobs in different workshops? It also lies in developing their "brains", which tests the wisdom of technicians. Liugong invested a lot of energy in the control system when developing Liuzhou's own AGV products. For example, by establishing local wireless communication of the supervisor station, setting up remote control or touch screen wireless call control on the station and three-dimensional simulation workshop layout, it can build a "brain" for AGV products and make it work flexibly like a human. The result of this research and development is that as long as people sit in front of a computer, they can control the AGV in the whole plant. Now, the positioning accuracy of Liuzhou's first AGV car can reach about 10mm, which has reached the industry-leading level

just last year, the first "Liu" AGV car was unveiled at the 2014 annual meeting of Liugong's domestic dealers. In just over half a year, Liugong's AGV products have developed many series, including roller AGV cars that can directly send raw materials to the production line, and pallet AGV cars that can automatically load and unload materials

agv trolley brings great benefits

Wang Yunhua said that in the past, when there was no AGV trolley, the handling of parts, raw materials and goods at the production site and warehousing logistics could only be completed by manual work, driving forklifts or small freight cars. Especially for some enterprises with a large flow of raw materials and parts, they need more manpower. In this way, not only the cost is high, but also the production site is full of people, which is also a hidden danger for production safety. Wang Yunhua said that Liugong once had a customer, a company in Zhejiang Province. After using intelligent products such as AGV to transform production logistics, they saved 128 manpower before and after

nowadays, AGV products are no longer just a "Porter" in enterprises, but more like a wise on-site "dispatcher". Wang Yunhua said that Liu Gong once designed a complete set of AGV solutions for a garment factory in Shenzhen to reach the maximum production solution in 2018. The factory building of this enterprise has two floors, from cutting to sewing on different floors. In this way, the AGV car not only takes materials from the first floor, but also sends materials to the second floor, and then sends the finished products to the warehouse on the first floor. In this system, the AGV car can not only accurately send the materials to the cutting and sewing stations in sequence, but also enter and exit the elevator by itself, command the elevator to close and open the door, and adjust its position in the elevator to ensure that it is not caught by the door

"AGV products are used to liberate people." Wang Yunhua said that in terms of the goal of manufacturing AGV products, Liugong is not only to reduce the use cost for customers, but also to create value and realize industrial intelligence

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