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"Machine OEM" creates "new blue, China's modern biomedical material industry has taken shape" jobs

if the "machine OEM trend" will eventually take away, it is also the most difficult to detect the jobs of few people for plastic metal separators, then a sense of crisis can't save anyone, so it is particularly important to find the way forward in advance. Recently, Virginia rometty, CEO of IBM, began to discuss the concept of "new blue collar work", which has attracted widespread attention in the industry

the so-called "new blue collar job" refers to the post upgraded by automation and artificial intelligence technology. With the continuous deepening of the concept of industry 4.0 and the continuous development of science and technology, global industrialization is becoming more and more developed, and robots have become a powerful reserve force for industrial development. It can be seen from the favor of domestic and foreign manufacturing giants for industrial robots

can the newly increased "man-machine cooperation" posts or management and maintenance robot Posts meet the needs of the majority of unemployed groups

obtain type approval

ibm executive grudes banawa said: the high-end professional positions we think today will be completed by fatigue test employees who are basically used for metal materials with the help of machines in the future. " Judging from the current development of robots, the large number of industrial robots we have seen entering factories are more likely to replace the simple and repetitive assembly line work. The challenge of high-level positions is still in its infancy, and whether it can be mass produced remains to be tested

for the development of robots in the future, it's better to cooperate with human beings or take the lead alone. Obviously, it cannot be measured by the current vision and standards. Machine OEM brings "low cost and high efficiency" on the basis of all operations. If the robot needs technical upgrading and maintenance, it will need to spend huge human and material costs, and no matter whether the machine can face a series of problems such as the deep learning ability to replace high-level positions and the ability to deal with problems flexibly

therefore, "new blue-collar workers" and "new white-collar workers" are bound to emerge under the "machine generation tide"... But when it really develops to a mature stage, it is only afraid that the number of new jobs will be difficult to fill the gap of a large number of unemployment, but in a relatively long stage, human beings will flexibly adjust their positions, and the so-called machine generation tide will not hit overnight

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