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Machine heart "ai00" June list: Foxconn transforming manufacturing industry with AI

machine heart "ai00" June list: Foxconn transforming manufacturing industry with AI

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original title: machine heart "ai00" June list: Foxconn transforming manufacturing industry with AI

we believe AI should be an extension of individual human wills and, in the spirit of liberty, as broadly and evenly distributed as possible. - Openai

"ai00, this is an open source project"

this is not only a list, but also an open source project, mainly based on the following points:

artificial intelligence is a complex and huge system, involving many disciplines, but also many elements such as technology, products, industries and capital. The writing team of the report only represents their professional views and has its own limitations, More industry experts are needed to participate in the revision and improvement

the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry is changing rapidly, and the production cycle of the report is long. The content and data in the report will inevitably lag behind the latest progress of the industry and cannot meet the requirements of timeliness and high quality at the same time. The timely update of participants in the field can solve this problem

we deeply understand the quality limitations of reports made without professional user feedback, so we hope to treat our reports with the concept of "agile development" in the engineering industry, and constantly collect professional feedback to continuously improve the quality of reports

artificial intelligence is an eternal proposition. We will not only continue to carry out the theme of "100 companies", but also carry out other themes in succession. This process requires the participation of different participants in the field of artificial intelligence

pay tribute to openai, "Stanford Centennial study of artificial intelligence" and "open source"

to this end, we invite scientists, technical experts, industry experts, professional investors and readers in the field of artificial intelligence to join us and jointly complete this long-term research on artificial intelligence

if you are interested in "ai00", you can reply to "ai00" in the official account dialog box (Note: the letter AI plus the number 00) to view the specific participation methods of this open source project

the list of the first issue of "ai00" has received a lot of feedback from the investment community, AI industry and academia, and we have also made some revisions and adjustments to the information on the list. Since the release of the list, many startups have been acquired by technology giants at high prices or developed into unicorns

in the latest ai00 list, we joined Foxconn, which uses AI to transform the manufacturing industry

with the gradual maturity of big data infrastructure and machine learning, artificial intelligence will help traditional manufacturing industries improve factory efficiency and reduce costs. Factories can use big data and machine learning methods to collect, process and analyze all data. IOT, robots, UAVs and intelligent machines will become an integral part of the manufacturing process

Foxconn Group, as the world's largest electronic OEM enterprise, is transforming from simple labor-based assembly to high-tech R & D manufacturers, and artificial intelligence has become an important goal of Foxconn's investment. At the beginning of 2018, some media revealed that Foxconn Group would invest about US $340million in the field of artificial intelligence, and planned to recruit 100 top artificial intelligence experts and thousands of artificial intelligence developers around the world to develop applications using machine learning and deep learning technology. In addition, Foxconn has also cooperated with Wu Enda's new company to jointly develop and deploy manufacturing solutions and training

in the dtalk jointly held by machine heart and talking data at Stanford not long ago, Terry Gou, founder and President of Foxconn Group, introduced industrial AI in detail, as well as the challenges and opportunities he saw in the digital transformation of the real economy

the following is the list of ai00 in June:

1 Speech and natural language processing

the company's national technology research product application market value/valuation/financing amount Sogou China artificial intelligence comprehensive research search engine, knowledge map, input method, voice interaction products, etc. are valued at about $5billion. Three rounds of financing of personalized intelligent assistance for natural language processing in the United States have received a total of $340million from iFLYTEK China speech technology and natural language processing smart home, vehicle The market value of solutions in telecommunications and other industries is about 39.3 billion yuan. Spitzer China intelligent voice interaction and natural dialogue voice interaction services for intelligent hardware such as vehicle, smart home and smart robot B round: 200 million yuan elephant sound science Chinese/American sound source separation, sound enhancement, voiceprint recognition, microphone array Conference transcription, communication, robot, smart home, virtual reality, augmented reality, Hybrid reality did not disclose Zhujian intelligent Chinese emotional dialogue robot, voice emotion technology, multimodal emotion recognition, Zhujian personal assistant robot Xiaoying, financial robot, customer service robot, 25million US dollar financing talkiq American speech recognition technology, natural language processing technology (NLP) language feedback, predicted sales results Automatic information retrieval $14million a-round financing solvvy American intelligent customer service understanding and classification users request $12million a-round financing

2 Computer vision

the company's national technology research product application market value/valuation/financing amount clarifai American computer vision image and video recognition APIB round $30million effectiva American computer vision and deep learning real-time facial expression analysis and emotion recognition solution four rounds of financing received a total of $33.72 million visenze Singapore computer vision, visual search, image recognition e-commerce, mobile commerce Advertising and other image recognition solutions received a total of US $14million in two rounds of financing orbital

insight US computer vision, deep learning and data science analysis massive satellite images for economic trend analysis and public welfare research. The C round of financing totaled US $50million planet

labs US computer vision and data science used satellite image recognition for agriculture Urban planning and disaster response, etc. in May 2015, it raised US $18.3 million Descartes

labs US computer vision and deep learning to provide data analysis and prediction solutions for agriculture through dlfp platform B round of US $30 million Shangtang Technology China computer vision and deep learning face recognition, dangerous goods recognition, behavior detection Security monitoring system for vehicle detection, etc. c+ round of 620million US dollars according to Tutu Technology China computer vision and in-depth learning information acquisition and human-computer interaction services based on image understanding of 380million yuan C round of financing Tupu Technology China computer vision and in-depth learning image recognition, video porn detection, intelligent audit, image value-added and other cloud services, a new round of ten million US dollars financing neurala Boston in-depth learning Computer vision helps robots and intelligent devices learn and adapt to the environment. The a round of financing is about 14million US dollars. The cloud is 500 million yuan from the B round of Technology China's face recognition, computer vision financial institutions' face recognition applications, real-time deployment of public security systems, pursuit and escape, etc. It deeply wakes up the B round of Technology China's computer vision, face recognition, intelligent security, smart finance, smart buildings and other fields, hundreds of millions of yuan

3 Chip and hardware

the company's national technology research product application market value/valuation/financing amount wave

computing us deep learning chip architecture DPU (dataflow processing unit) three rounds of financing totaling $59 million CEVA US artificial intelligence chip technology the second generation neural network software framework for machine learning cdn2 is listed on Nasdaq, with a market value of $912 million Tera

deep US based on FPGA, For the high-performance deep learning platform on the server side, the deep learning module directly embedded by mobile devices has not been disclosed. Cambrian science and Technology China's deep learning China's first neural network processor $100million a round financing Shenjian Technology China's deep learning DPU platform deep learning DPU platform a+ round financing of about $40million graphcore UK deep learning hardware and software development open source software framework poplar and "intelligent processor" Ipua round financing $30million groq U.S. deep learning hardware, chips temporarily no information $10.3 million financing

4 Intelligent machine

the market value/valuation/financing amount of the company's national technology research products ABB

robotics Swiss robots and automation technology industrial robots Smart devices $46.895 billion market value FANUC Japanese robots and automation technology industrial robots 4.4 trillion yen market value KUKA

robotics German robots and automation technology industrial robots Midea $27.2 billion won 94.55% shares of KUKA rethink

robotics American robots Human computer interaction intelligent robot 18million US dollars new round of financing universal

robots Danish robots and automation technology industrial robots did not disclose 3D robotics US computer vision, robotics UAV, software services five rounds of financing of more than 126million US dollars Cyberdyne wearable devices medical assistant robot 208356 billion yen market capitalization iRobot us computer vision, robotics electronic products, Domestic robots worth 2.7 billion US dollars market capitalization rewalk

robotics German computer vision, robot technology walking robot, special intelligent equipment for the disabled, market capitalization Dyson UK intelligent machine, automatic visual positioning and indoor map construction cleaning robot undisclosed Xinsong robot man Chinese robot and automation technology industrial robot and industry solutions about 28.9 billion market capitalization evert

robot Chinese robot industrial robot Intelligent equipment and industry solutions have not been disclosed. The estimated value of Dajiang China's computer vision, UAV control, environment and obstacle perception, visual tracking, automatic path finding UAV aerial photography and image transmission is about $10billion. Embedded intelligence the United States can access intelligent modules of robots, factories, warehouses and other automation technologies. Intelligent equipment seed rounds of $7million financing

5 Medical

company national technology research product application market value/valuation/financing amount arteries American deep learning system generates medical image deep learning analysis system arteries system $12million a round of financing enlitic American deep learning, big data Image detection cancer detection system has three rounds of financing totaling $15million voxelcloud (voxel Technology) American deep learning medical image analysis cloud service $10 million a round of financing insilico

medicine American deep learning and big data cancer diagnosis and treatment $10million the latest financing oncora

Medical American big data and machine learning technology provide clinical decision support for radiation oncologists through data analysis for personalized medicine. Two rounds of financing totaled US $1.32 million atomwise us deep learning drug discovery US $45million a round of twoxar us deep learning through drug research and development platform Duma ™ To evaluate large public and private data sets to quickly identify drugs and rank the matching degree of drugs and diseases according to probability. Seed round $3.4 million Berg

health American in-depth learning interactive biology ® The platform combines patient biology and artificial intelligence analysis for drug discovery, development and diagnosis. Cloud

MedX American machine learning and natural language processing have not been disclosed. They have medxexchange, medxinsights and medxcare, which provide data, medical insights and health management services. Financing $6.6 million deep

genomics Canada deep learning, gene biology elite

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