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Operating skills that must be learned by beginners of mechanical Luoyang shovel

operating skills that must be learned by beginners of mechanical Luoyang shovel

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the machinery is used to produce its LEGO bricks and other toy products and packaging materials. The operating skills that must be learned by beginners of Luoyang shovel, and the operator tells the drill pipe with drill bit to be placed in the hole position, This is when the power head of the rotary drilling rig starts to provide torque for the drill pipe and the pressurizing device transmits the pressure to the drill bit to start drilling downward. The broken rock and soil are directly loaded into the drill bit, and the drill bit is lifted to the ground by the rotary excavator lifting device for soil unloading and slag unloading. Repeat this step, Until the correct operation of plastic machinery (including plastic granulator, single screw granulator, waste plastic granulator, etc.) is applied, its life can be extended to the depth required by customers. Dry or clean water drilling technology can be adopted for the rock and soil layer with good viscosity. In case of loose stratum, static mud wall protection drilling technology can be adopted to prevent collapse. The types of small machinery Luoyang shovel are: soil type Luoyang shovel has low cost and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that small stones, bricks and tiles can be used normally. Connecting them with the relevant objectives formed in the query process constitutes a final ranking, but they cannot be used when encountering underground rock layers. The rock type Luoyang shovel is specially used in the case of a large number of rock strata underground

different motorized Luoyang shovels should be selected for bridge openings and large pile foundation holes according to different situations. The new sediment foundation pile driver adopts the principle of Luoyang shovel pile driver to improve into a four piece impact sediment gravel foundation pile driver, which is used in slope protection, deep hole treatment of foundation, large hole operation of high-voltage electric pole and high-voltage tower, and the supporting winch adopts the maximum anti tension imposed by the national standard heavy lifting record to lift the pile head of the sediment pile driver. It has the characteristics of large hole diameter and fast drilling speed. The model of Luoyang shovel foundation pile driver is 30 cm-150 cm. The manufacturer can customize the large-scale Luoyang shovel pile driver according to the needs of customers, with the price ranging from 5000 to 20000. The winch equipped is 1 ton to 3.5 tons, and the motor and oil extraction machine are two kinds of power. The other is the vehicle mounted Luoyang shovel foundation pile driver, which is suitable for projects with long pile distance in the field. Luoyang shovel pile driver model 80 consists of motor, winch, tripod, 80 aperture Luoyang shovel, etc. the construction is carried out by two to three people, and the construction is simple without training

the operation skills that beginners of electric Luoyang shovel must learn. When a hole is drilled several meters deep, it is easy to grind blisters on the palm of the hand and soon grind cocoons. This is the first experience of learners. At the beginning of learning, you can play 50 cm with the face facing south, turn to the face facing north, and then play 50 cm again. Turn to play down in turn, correct the deviation of holding the shovel with both arms, and practice playing vertical holes. When starting to drill a hole, dig the Luoyang shovel down hard. Hit it a meter deep. With a little force, it will go down smoothly. If you hit it deeper, people don't have to work hard. As soon as you loosen the shovel, you will hit it into the soil. If you don't receive strict training at the beginning of learning, or your shovel holding posture is not standard enough, as well as personal use habits, there will be some deviations and make crooked holes

two exploratory holes with a distance of less than 1 meter, two people probe at the same time, a vertical hole and a skew hole. Then, at a depth of 8 meters, the skew hole even intersects with the straight hole, and the two shovel heads touch each other. Although this kind of situation is rare, it is not rare. The so-called industrial cluster actually refers to the agglomeration and development of industries in groups and in a circle, that is, some industrial chain or some industrial chain formed within or between certain regions. The core of industrial clusters is the high concentration of industries in a certain space, which is conducive to reducing the institutional cost of enterprises, improving the economies of scale and scope, and improving the market competitiveness of industries and enterprises

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