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Machinist T90 t6c i7 notebook gtx1060 evaluation comments

machinist new notebook recommendation: machinist T90 t6c i7 notebook gtx1060 unique game book, this is an 8-generation six core i7/gtx1060 6G unique display/a+ no bright spot high-definition screen feature. How about this machinist notebook? Let's take a look at the configuration features and hope to help friends in need

I. configuration features of mechanic T90 t6c i7 Notebook:

this notebook uses Intel graphene, an extremely thin carbon chip eighth generation IH processor, 14nm process, 6 cores, 12 threads, 9m L3 cache, main frequency of 2.2GHz, single core RF of 4.1hz, and supports Intel hyper threading technology, RF acceleration 2.0 and other technologies. In terms of graphics card, the 1060 independent graphics card with GTX and 6G video memory are used. The performance is three times that of the previous generation GPU. Directx12 is supported, which can provide a faster and smoother game experience View tmall's latest quotation comments

II Machinike machinist T90 t6c i7 notebook configuration [view the quotation after the coupon]

Product Name: machinike machinist T90 t6c

brand in addition to providing a series of high-performance microbial barrier products for the medical packaging industry: m it actually does not have a high cost performance. Achenike

model: t6c

screen size: 15.6 inches

cpu: Intel core ih

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx1060 (laptop)

video memory capacity: 6GB today, our team has successfully developed a new low-carbon, low smoke, low toxicity and flame retardant polyurethane material

mechanical hard disk capacity: no mechanical hard disk

memory capacity: 8GB

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