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On July 3, PP Market Overview everywhere

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there are few PP market resources in Tianjin, the local quotation is stable, and the middlemen are mainly on the sidelines. At present, the T30S resources of TIANLIAN production are not much in yuan/ton, and the quotation of CNPC T30S is mostly in yuan/ton. TIANLIAN EPS30R is basically out of stock, and some are reported at 16400 yuan/ton

there are few PP market resources in Xiamen, and the current price is stable. At present, the mainstream quotation of local Fulian T30S is 16700 yuan/ton, while that of PetroChina and Hainan T30S is slightly lower than that of yuan/ton. The overall transaction was light, and the merchants waited and saw for the time being

the PP market atmosphere in Shantou is light, the quotation of merchants tends to be soft, and the overall resources are not many. Merchants wait and see temporarily and operate according to the market. At present, PetroChina and Hainan T30S basically have no tickets at RMB/ton, Hainan v30g reports 15900 yuan/ton, and 500N reports 15850 yuan/ton

the PP market in Shanghai is mainly stable and the transaction is light; At present, the mainstream quotation of CNPC T30S is about 16600 yuan/ton, and that of SECCO S1003 yuan/ton; The resources of copolymer EPS30R are scarce, and the quotation is not much. Shanghai Petrochemical m180r/m2600r is reported at about yuan/ton

the PP market around Yanshan was deserted. Due to the control of trucks in Beijing, the transportation of local resources was difficult, and the freight rose, which hindered the transaction. The quotation of middlemen in early trading today was still stable, mainly on the sidelines. It is said that although Yanshan Petrochemical has dumped the reservoir in advance, there are still a lot of resources stranded. At present, the quotation of CNPC T30S is about 16300 yuan/ton. In terms of special materials, Yanshan 4220 goods were understated by 18200 yuan/ton, and b4808 goods were understated by 17200 yuan/ton. EPS30R quotation: take out the test piece at (5) yuan/ton

the atmosphere in Linyi PP market is not good today. Middlemen lack confidence in the future market and are in a wait-and-see mood. However, there are few local resources, which has a strong supporting effect on prices. At present, there is basically no quotation for Zhongyuan T30S. The quotation of CNPC T30S with tickets is about 16300 yuan/ton, and the quotation without tickets is about 15400 yuan/ton

the price of PP market in Guangzhou is stable today. Maoming n-t30s is reported at 16650 yuan/ton, Dalian, Daqing and Hainan T30S are basically reported at about 16600 yuan/ton, and Lanzhou T30S is reported at 16500 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Guangzhou s700 reported 16700 yuan/ton, Hainan and Daqing v30g reported 16800 yuan/ton. In terms of copolymers, Guangzhou j641, Maoming EPS30R and EPC30R-H are both reported at 16100 yuan/ton. The market transaction is light, and the merchants wait and see for the time being, and the trend is weak

the PP market in Hangzhou performed poorly, and the quoted prices of some traders fell slightly. Today, some T30S mainstream quotations are about yuan/ton, downstream procurement is negative, and the trading volume is limited. At present, merchants pay more attention to petrochemical trends; The mainstream price of copolymer market is maintained at about yuan/ton, and the transaction is general

the PP market price around Dalian is in a stalemate, and some have a negative decline. The ex warehouse price of PetroChina northeast PP has been stable recently. Due to the slow price increase of downstream products, processing enterprises are unwilling to feed. At present, the local T30S mainstream is reported to 16000 yuan/ton. Merchants say that there are many petrochemical resources and are cautious about the future market

the PP market in Nanjing has a flat performance. At present, there are few wire drawing materials in the hands of traders. Some F401 mainstream quotations are about 165 yuan/ton for the joint attack on key industry technologies, and the transaction price is low; At present, many businesses are waiting for petrochemical trends, and the overall trading volume is light; The market price of copolymers is mainly flat, and some j340 are reported at about 16300 yuan/ton, with a general transaction@ A surrounding environment

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