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March 23 PP Market Overview

Quanzhou PP market continues to rise today. There is not much supply in the market, and businesses actively hype the rise of petrochemicals. But the demand is low, and the high price transaction is general. Businesses have a stable mentality and are optimistic about the future market. In terms of current price, the quotation of drawing T30S is about 8350 yuan/ton

the quotation of PP around the Central Plains is not much, and the offer is higher. The market supply is scarce. In the morning, merchants have closed their offers one after another. It is regretted that China's wood plastic industry has lagged behind the United States for nearly 10 years. Now, quotations have been issued one after another. With the help of petrochemical price increases, the market is actively hyped and optimistic. For today's price reference, the price of T30S including tax is about 8300 yuan/ton

according to these data, we can get a formula in Shantou PP market today. The hype atmosphere is good, the price is pushed up, and the high price transaction is general. The inventory of merchants is not much, the quotation is high, and the source of imported goods continues to decrease. The market mentality is optimistic, and there are many Limited sales. When they have not entered the test mode, there are also businesses with confused mentality

the quotation of PP market in Hangzhou is higher. Today, the market hype atmosphere continues to diffuse, and the business mentality is OK. The mainstream quotation of drawing C is 8500 yuan/ton, and the supply of copolymerization is scarce. J340 is quoted at 9900 yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiamen rose today. The market supply is not much, coupled with the price rise of PetroChina South China, under the active hype of merchants, the market price rose slightly. Businesses are optimistic and slightly confused. In terms of quotation, the quotation of Fujian T30S is about 8300 yuan/ton, and that of Dalian wire drawing is 8300 yuan/ton; South Korea LG high transparency r1610 is difficult to clinch a deal, and the price is 9100 yuan/ton

most of the quotations in Guangzhou PP market rose, and the bullish mentality of merchants pervaded the market. Today, the market inquiry atmosphere is OK, businesses are still cautious, and speculative demand is temporarily on the sidelines. The actual transaction today is average, and the market supply is acceptable

the quotations of most brands in Shunde PP market rose. Businesses' bullish mentality has increased, and market participants' confidence in future market rises has increased. The inquiry atmosphere in the morning was ok, and the downstream demand improved

there is not much supply in Linyi PP market. The market transaction atmosphere at the weekend is light and the quotation is stable. Today, it is rumored that petrochemical is still likely to rise by 40 ~ 100hrk, and the quotation is higher. The latest offer: Qingdao and Zhongyuan T30S do not include tax declaration of yuan/ton, while PetroChina T30S includes tax declaration of 8400 yuan/ton. The supply of goods is extremely scarce

the supply of PP market in Tianjin is not large, and merchants have closed their plates to wait and see. T30S market reference quotation is 8500 yuan/ton. The market inquiry atmosphere is good, the mentality is optimistic, the merchants are actively seeking goods, and the downstream demand is general

there are few sources of goods in the PP market in Beijing, and rumors of petrochemical price increases are widespread in the market. Many merchants have closed their offers without making quotations. At present, the atmosphere of goods search in the market is acceptable. Today, the market mentality is good, and the downstream demand is general

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