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On January 18, PP Market Overview everywhere

the current price of Taizhou PP market is basically stable, the mentality is generally general, the market resources are general, and Zhenhai wire drawing is reported at yuan/ton; Panjin wire drawing is yuan/ton, Hainan wire drawing price is yuan/ton, and Dalian's real economy has developed rapidly to a rapid decline, v30s reported yuan/ton; The quotation of fiber Z30S is yuan/ton, and the transaction atmosphere is poor

the PP market trend in Yuyao is weak, the market is generally stable, and a few are slightly lower. Although there are not many market resources, due to the high price constraints, the overall demand is released slowly, especially the downstream factories are basically in the state of low load operation, and the purchase volume into the market has always been maintained at a low level. Therefore, the actual transaction in the market is still light, and the latest mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiamen remained basically stable today. The overall supply of goods in the market was small, but the transaction atmosphere was bleak. The intention of downstream factories to receive goods was weak, and some factories had shut down in advance. Today's price is basically stable: PetroChina wire drawing is stable at about yuan/ton; Hainan wire drawing is about 11950 yuan/ton; The supply of wire drawing in Fujian is scarce; Hainan Z30S is about 12050 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City PP today has a quiet market situation, cold demand, few goods search phenomena, and weak awareness of trade and downstream receiving. The market quotation of Qilu wire drawing T30S is still maintained at yuan/ton, and the quotation of PetroChina T30S is at 11700 yuan/ton. The transaction is dismal. Qilu copolymerization EPS30R is quoted at yuan/ton, the supply volume is acceptable, PetroChina is quoted at 12550 yuan/ton, and SP179 is quoted at 12600 yuan/ton. At present, the supply volume of PP is acceptable. Traders' mentality is pessimistic about the recent market, and the decline of crude oil has also worsened the cold market

the PP market around the Central Plains is basically stable today, the enthusiasm of large customers to take goods is not high, and the overall supply of goods is still small. Today, the hard phase in the sample is convex, and the non-metallic mixture in steel and graphite phase in cast iron are inoculated to produce the sign of "trailing tail"; When the humidity is too low, the quotation basically remains flat, and it is difficult to find a low-cost source of goods: T30S tax free declaration is about 11000 yuan/ton; The mainstream price including tax is about 11600 yuan/ton, and the terminal transaction price is slightly higher

most of the prices in Beijing PP market today are stable, traders' profit space is not much, downstream demand is weak, inquiry atmosphere is general, transaction is difficult, S1003 supply is not many, b8101 supply is reduced, the quotation is 13100 yuan/ton, PetroChina raw materials are basically maintained at flat, the profit space is very small, traders' mentality is general, and the PP market is not optimistic recently

the atmosphere in Tianjin PP market is still calm today, and the supply volume is general. Because some downstream manufacturers Henan hengruiyuan industry, Hunan Xiangxi laodi biology, Hubei laolongdong Eucommia ulmoides, Shaanxi Lueyang Jiamu Eucommia ulmoides and Shaanxi Ankang Heye biology have successively invested heavily to help the industrialization and development of Eucommia ulmoides gum, the demand for shutdown is very cold. The quotation of Tianjin United T30S is 11650 yuan/ton, and 11020 yuan/ton without tickets, most of which are flat quotation, Small upside down phenomenon also exists. The enthusiasm for shipment is acceptable, there are not many transactions, and the EPS30R is not greater than 0.5% of the load indication; The quotation is 12450 yuan/ton, and traders are not confident in PP and are not optimistic about the future market in the near future

the PP market in Linyi is calm today, and the overall supply of goods in the market is not many, but the middlemen have a poor mentality, lack confidence in the short-term trend of the market, have some concerns about the next price policy of petrochemical, and some short positions wait and see. Downstream demand is weak and market transactions are scarce. The current price continues to remain stable: the quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11100 yuan/ton, and the transaction is poor

the PP market around Panjin is light, and the supply of goods is calmly digested. The quotation of F401 in Panjin is 11700 yuan/ton, and the quotation of T30S in Daqing and Fushun is 11700 yuan/ton. The supply and demand are basically balanced, the supply of goods is OK, the demand has slowed down in winter, and the market is stable. It is expected that the recent market will continue to be low, and most trade is not optimistic about the recent market

the current price of PP market in Nanjing continues to be stable, the market supply is small, and the supply of low melt copolymerization is scarce, so the transaction is OK. The operation of middlemen and downstream factories is not active. The current price is basically stable: the average price of wire drawing F401 is about yuan/ton; The quotation of s1004 is about 11700 yuan/ton; J340 has few sources of goods, and it is difficult to find them. The price is high at about yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiongxian County, Hebei Province is light today, with a large supply of goods and cold downstream demand. Tianjin United T30S is mainly retail in the local area, and the recent delivery volume is very small, with a quotation of 11750 yuan/ton. Traders are less concerned about PP, and are not optimistic about the future market in the near future. As the Spring Festival approaches, trade is mostly indifferent

the PP market in Shanghai remained basically stable today. At present, there are not many sources of wire drawing in the market, but the transaction is not dominant. Today's market quotation basically remained stable: the quotation of CNPC wire drawing was about yuan/ton; SECCO S1003 is about 11750 yuan/ton; Shanghai Petrochemical Fiber Material y2600 is about yuan/ton; SECCO s2040 is 12600 yuan/ton; The quotation of SECCO k7926 is 12750 yuan/ton; K7926n is 12600 yuan/ton; K8003 at 12750 yuan/ton; The quotation of Shanghai Petrochemical m2600r is 12650 yuan/ton

the PP market in Quanzhou is in general today. The ex factory price of Fujian refinery is lowered, and the local market price is lower. The consumption objects in the local market are mainly homopolymer products: the quotation of Fujian wire drawing T30S is 12050 yuan/ton, that of Hainan wire drawing is 12000 yuan/ton, and that of PetroChina wire drawing is 12000 yuan/ton. Hainan injection molding v30g has few sources of goods, and the quotation is higher at 12500 yuan/ton, and Hainan Z30S is quoted at 12200 yuan/ton

the PP market in Hangzhou was stable, and traders stepped up shipments, but there were few downstream offers, and the overall transaction was poor. Mainstream quotation: Shaoxing T30S quotation is about yuan/ton; Zhenhai has few resources, and the quotation of T30S is about 11850 yuan/ton; The quotation of Shaoxing film material f280f is about 11850 yuan/ton; Copolymerization resources are scarce, and the market quotation is not much

the PP market in Guangzhou remains light. Towards the weekend, businesses are more wait-and-see, the quotation remains unchanged, and there are few transactions. At present, the mainstream quotation of T30S is about 11950 yuan/ton. Lanhua T30S quotes 11900 yuan/ton, Dalian T30S quotes 11950 yuan/ton, Hainan v30g quotes 12300 yuan/ton, Maoming mphm160 quotes 12250 yuan/ton, Guangzhou cjs700 quotes 12400 yuan/ton, Maoming epc30r quotes 12600 yuan/ton, and Daqing ept30r quotes 12500 yuan/ton. Businesses have little hope for the market before the Spring Festival, and some businesses have certain shipping pressure

Shunde PP market atmosphere is calm, the mainstream of merchants' quotations is stable, and the downstream demand remains light. Near the weekend, middlemen are mainly on the sidelines temporarily, the local supply has increased recently, and some merchants are facing shipping pressure. Maoming n-t30s quote yuan/ton, Maoming T30S quote yuan/ton, Dalian T30S quote 11550 yuan/ton, Hainan v30g quote 11800 yuan/ton, Daqing v30g quote 11800 yuan/ton, Guangzhou cjs700 quote yuan/ton, Maoming Z30S quote 11800 yuan/ton

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