Overview of PP markets around the country on Janua

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On January 9, PP market overview all over the country

there are few quotations in the PP market in Tianjin. Affected by TIANLIAN's shutdown and Qingdao's early production change, local T30S resources are very few, diluting the negative impact of the continued decline in crude oil, and middlemen have a wait-and-see mentality for the future

the PP market atmosphere in Shantou was light, the quotation of merchants was slightly reduced, and the overall wait-and-see was dominated. The spot price of Fujian Refining and Hainan T30S was reported at 7050 yuan/ton without tickets, and the spot price of CNOOC and shell 500N was reported at 7050 yuan/ton without tickets

affected by the rapid decline of oil prices, the PP market in Hangzhou has weakened slightly, with limited price decline due to limited resources; The mainstream quotation of Shaoxing T30S is yuan/ton, Zhenhai T30S goods are under quoted yuan/ton, Yangzi F401 is quoted yuan/ton, and Secco S1003 has a quotation of yuan/ton; Copolymer resources are scarce, and Yangzi K8003 resources are not overstated by RMB/ton

Shunde PP market atmosphere is weak, the buyer is basically delisted, and the price trend tends to fall. However, due to the small number of spot merchants, the current quotation is not significantly loose, and the overall quotation is relatively chaotic. Maoming nt30s still quotes yuan/ton without tickets. Note in terms of plastics, Maoming M160 has no ticket and is reported as yuan/ton. Maoming EPS30R reported yuan/ton, EPC30R-H reported 71 without tickets, and Sinopec plans to invest 200 billion yuan 00 yuan/ton. There are few transactions, and the merchants generally wait and see

there is not much supply in the PP market in Xiamen, and the atmosphere in the morning is weak. The merchant's quotation fell slightly by 50 yuan/ton. The T30S dealer in Dalian reported it to 7300 yuan/ton, and the Fulian T30S reported it to yuan/ton. The transaction is light, the buyer is basically delisted, and the market is generally on the sidelines

affected by the continued decline of oil prices, some quotations in the PP market in Nanjing today were slightly lower, but the values in the list were also different, falling back, and the transaction was light; The mainstream price of F401 is yuan/ton; There are few resources of copolymers, some K8003 are reported at RMB/ton, and j340 is basically out of stock

the mainstream quotation in the market around Yanshan is stable, so it will be determined after 68 years. At present, there are many inquiries for wire drawing, but there are few market resources and few transactions. Yanshan k8303 has a quotation of about yuan/ton, b4808 has a flat quotation of 7750 yuan/ton, and k7726 has neither goods nor quotation

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