Overview of PP markets around the country on July

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On July 28, PP Market Overview everywhere

the overall offer focus of Tianjin PP market moved up, and the low-end offer disappeared. Traders mainly ship goods, and the overall supply of goods in the market is general

the PP market quotation of Qilu Chemical City continues to rise, and the overall supply volume of the market is small. The high level of petrochemical factory output has supported the city, causing an impact field, and traders' quotations are strong. The demand receiving atmosphere is temporarily general, and the market has a wait-and-see mentality

affected by the poor shipment of traders and the weak downstream receiving strength, the quotation in Shanghai PP market is mainly stable, and a few brands have increased slightly

the quotation of Beijing PP market continues to rise due to the influence of Sinopec North China's closed market without opening an order and the small market supply. Merchants with few goods are not interested in the development of aluminum based new material products, and the price is not reported. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. The downstream receiving intention is not strong, and the market transaction is mainly flat

the supply of goods in Linyi PP market is tight, and the quotation is significantly higher. The ex factory prices of some PetroChina manufacturers rose again, with obvious market intention to lead the rise. The business mentality is strongly supported and continues to be bullish. Merchants began to be more cautious about the future market, and began to ship and reduce their positions one after another. The willingness of downstream factories to receive goods is not high, the inquiry is OK, and the transaction is rare

the PP market quotation in Nanjing is stable, and the market supply is not large due to the fact that petrochemical enterprises do not issue orders. Merchants' enthusiasm for shipping quality that seriously affects China's economic growth is not high. The downstream continues to wait and see the market, and the transaction is average

when the control system is abnormal

the overall supply volume of Yuyao PP market is OK, and the price rise is postponed. Crude oil fell, dampening market sentiment. The ex factory price rise of PetroChina East China has a certain support for the market, and merchants take the opportunity to ship goods. It is difficult for downstream demand to make a big change in the short term. The wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, and the deal is a single deal

the quotation of some brands in Xiamen PP market increased slightly, and the overall supply volume of the market was general. Supported by the continued upward pricing of PetroChina South China, traders' quotations were strong, and the demand was mainly on the sidelines for the time being

the PP market around Panjin has a stable offer, with merchants actively shipping, and the transaction has not been heard yet

the supply of PP market around Shenyang is generally general, and the price continues to rise. The ex factory price of PetroChina northeast rose again, the market mentality was strongly supported, and the merchants' quotations were firm. The demand of downstream factories is basically wait-and-see, there are not many inquiries, and the transaction has not been heard

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